Roon endpoint - no rca, no Usb,

Hello everybody!
I’m Andre from Italy and I’m new around here. I’m an audiophile more than a IT guy hence the question…
Currently I’m on a trial version of Roon and I’m enjoying a lot. Before buying the lifetime membership I’m looking for some help.
I’m running Roon Core on a headless MacMini I5 > optical > EC living by Electrocompaniet.
What device do I need so I can bring back my MacMini on my desk in a different room?
My all in one solution ( has only one coax and one spdif in. I dont wanna use Airplay, I wanna go wired :slight_smile:
Do you know a good solution? A end point which is not sound intrusive? It should just broadcast data without

thank you and happy new year!

Here’s something that will work with the coax input on the Tana SL-1:

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Thank you David but…
I can’t build a Billy library and I dont think I can manage boards and hat. Is there another solution? :grin:

How about this device? They ship worldwide.

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I cannot buy it, it’s out of stock

The DigiOne Player comes fully assembled in a nice-looking plastic case. (I think aluminum cases are on the way that are even nicer looking.) You just have to plug in an Ethernet cable on the input, and a SPDIF coax cable on the output, and hardware-wise, you’re ready to go. You might have to do a little confguration using your web browser (or SSH, if you prefer, which it seems like you wouldn’t). Some of the Allo guys hang out on this forum, so they’re available if you need support. I haven’t needed any support during the couple of months I’ve had the DigiOne, but they seem very responsive and helpful. Also a lot of participants here have them, so you’ll be able to get assistance from your peers if you need it.

As far as alternatives go, there are a lot of choices with USB outputs, but the only thing that comes to mind with SPDIF outputs is the Auralic Aries Mini, which is a significant jump up in price.


it looks good that little device even if there’s a Dac inside … I’m gonna give a try.
Very kind!

There’s ample choice for you: in the same price bracket as the Auralic, you can have a look at the Bluesound Node 2. It will give you optical and coaxial SPDIF, as well as a nice headphone amp and MQA (once Bluesound updates their firmware).

If you’re feeling frisky, have a look at the DCS Network Bridge. It will set you back a bit. :slight_smile:

For your viewing pleasure: most Roon Ready endpoints are listed at

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Thank you Rene but maybe I didnt make myself clear. I want an endpoint which does’t have a Dac inside and which I dont have to mess around to make it work.:blush:

the roonready unofficial list is way better than the official

You could use the SPDIF output on the Bluesound Node 2 - this does not use the DAC built in to the Node 2. I am currently using Node 2 SPDIF to feed a Benchmark DAC3 - works very well with Roon.

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I’ll take a look.

The Allo Digione with Ropiee installed is a plug and play, set it and forget it solution. All need to do is follow the instructions on the which consist of downloading the software, copying to the SD card, and then inserting the SD card. That’s it!

It will auto update from then on.

IMO, it is better sound sound quality then all the previous options mentioned in this thread.

Just wait another week or so for the metal cases and order the fully assembled plug and play Digione Player.

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Ok… too many people suggesting this DigiOne… I’m gonna suck it up and try it
Ropieee is better than Volumio/other OS?

I have not tried any other software, as I did not want to fiddle with anything too much. That’s the beauty of Ropieee. And it sounds fantastic.

Even though you are specifically asking for solution to the coax or SPDIF, let me contribute 2 cents on Airplay. Contrary to the protocol’s name; it does not need to be used wireless. Airplay also works in wired Ethernet mode. You can connect Tana SL-1 to the network via Ethernet cable and do the same with Mac Mini. If they are both in the same network, Mac Mini will be able to reach TANA SL-1 with Airplay protocol over the Ethernet (you can turn off Wi-Fi on your Mac Mini and it will still work).

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Awesome @Dejan_Beznec!

I will try as soon as I get home… Never thought Airplay could work in ETH mode.

I’m very happy with my current USBridge, even spiffier in its brand new aluminum case, but I’m considering a switch to a DAC that may like better S/PDIF (or AES via a transformer). Any hints as to when DigiOne Player will come with an aluminum case?

An inexpensive option is to use a Chromecast Audio with a UGreen adapter, described in this thread.