ROON endpoint options


Had a look at the ROON supporting gear there is. I like the Dutch & Dutch speakers and off course they’re made in The Netherlands where I’m living. Nice!
I’m asking myself, is Bluesound the only other speaker (company) that goes as a full functional ROON endpoint? I’m looking for one moveable little speaker now for making an audio group in my appartment.
What I have now as a ROON Core is my 2013 MacBook Pro. ROON endpoints are my Devialet 250 Expert Pro and my iPhone 8 as well.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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If you look at the Roon Partners list on the Roon home page, you’ll see that a number of companies make Roon Ready speakers. For instance, the McIntosh RS150. Or the Bowers & Wilkins Wedge.

B&W, Elac, any Airplay capable speaker etc. There are a few brands that will make sound with Roon directly as Roon Ready/Tested devices or because they work with protocols that Roon recognises.

I didn’t know that, thank you very much. That’s a nice list indeed

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Checkout the Elac Z3. Roon Ready, fully self contained Stereo playback, about the size of a mens shoe box. I don’t know if It will group with the devices you listed but it will group with any RAAT zone.

I’ve looked it up and it’s a nice speaker indeed. Stereo, too. Thanks

Stereo out of a single tiny speaker, of any make, probably not really a thing.

Chromecast speakers should work as well. I use a couple of battery powered portable chromecast speakers as relocatable endpoints. Great for background music.