Roon error messages [Resolved with new hardware]

I am receiving 2 Roon error messages when playing some music. First message is ’ A networking or connectivity problem…’ when streaming Roon music. Second message is ‘An audio file is loading slowly…’ when streaming locally stored music from my HDD. There are no issues when streaming same music from Tidal. I’ve rebooted my PC on a few occasions disconnected/reconnected the router, microrendu, etc. My Internet connection downstream/upstream speeds are 30 Mbps/8 Mbps.

My setup is the following:

Roon 1.3 (build 242)
Windows 10 Enterprise v. 1703 64 bits
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.66 GHz
RAM 8 Go
Asus RT-N66U router
Benchmark DAC2 HGC

Appreciate any help on this

That’s quite marginal on performance for Roon, FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?.

That said, as this problem is only when playing files from the HDD, I’m wondering if there is a performance bottle neck there.

How is this HDD connected to the PC? (internal, external USB, NAS, …)
How full is the HDD and have you check to see how fragmented it is? (Maybe try running Windows defragmenter.)

PC/Roon worked fine since I’ve been a Roon member (+1 year). Issue started with the new Roon upgrade. As indicated, issue comes from Roon streaming through the Net as well as streaming locally from internal PC HDD (Total of 2 To with only 547 Go used). Windows 10 is running from a Samsung 850 Pro SSD 256 Gb.

Streaming from Tidal works fine.

I will try the defragmenter…


I took first statement as streaming Tidal via Roon, did you mean when just using the Tidal application i.e. without Roon?

Hi @Daniel_Babeux ----- I would agree with @Carl’s note about the device hosting your core and by chance, since noticing this behavior haver you tried hosting Roon on another device (temporarily of course) just to see how things perform with something a little stronger?

Furthermore, can you please describe what the chain of communication looks like in your setup. My assumption is that the Rendu is mounted to your Asus router and then going USB out to the Benchmark DAC, but please confirm.

Lastly, how do things behave if you play through the internal speakers of the device hosting your Roon core? Do you still receive the same error messages?


Yes, its a problem when Tidal via Roon. No issues when directly from Tidal.

I have not tried to host Roon via a second machine. I will see if this is possible using a laptop from work.

Confirming Assus router/Microrendu USB out/Benchmark DAC.

Same error mesages when duplicating playback process with Roon (Net/local) playing through my PC’s speakers.


I have access to a I5 laptop. What is the easiest process to install Roon core on second machine?


I think this Knowledge Base article will help you:

Working on it.



Hi @Daniel_Babeux ------ Touching base, let me know how the test goes. Thanks!

@orgel thanks for supplying the KB article :thumbsup:


Problem solved. My current hardware is the issue. I used an IBM Lenovo laptop with an i5 processor and Roon worked fine with it. Immdiately switched back to my current i2 PC and same problems re-occured with Roon.

My PC was sometime operating erratically under previous Roon build, but it was viable. As soon as I uploaded the most recent 242 build, the PC does not work well anymore. I will recuperate an i5 MB from one of my son’s PC and should be good to go fron there.

Thank you all who helped me out on this one (Roon team/David).