Roon Extension and Android App: it'roXs!

How do I update it for a previously installed version. I am using container station on my QNAP and it’s still stuck on previous version.

Stop and remove your container.

docker pull comassky/itroxs

And rerun docker run command

Thanks for your feedback @CrystalGipsy,
this is a bug, I will take care of it!

I published v0.03 today:

Hidden content and reconnect after boot is fixed.

I added a “cycle through outputs” button to the notification:
I like this feature :sunglasses:


After updating the Extension Repository to version 0.3.12 you will find it’roXs! in the Playback category!


@Jan_Koudijs this means not need to install it externally? I have a docker running for itroXs.

@Boris_Schaedler Excellent job, i love the app. Do you think it will handle group of rooms?

Thanks @Cesar_Sanchez What do you mean exactly? Changing the volume of all outputs of one zone?

If you already have the Extension Manager installed then you can use that as an alternative to the Docker container. But it is also fine to keep using your current setup, especially if it is the only extension that you use.

@Boris_Schaedler - I think it would be 2 things - Let’s say you have Room1+Room2+Room3 in a group:

  • Roon lets you assign a Grouped Zone Name or assign one by default: Room1 + 2 (or something like that). It would be great if itroXs could pick up that name instead of showing the rooms individually and go through them using the “cycle” button.
  • Volume control. It seems that if you are in a group the volume can’t be modified. I thought it was going to be affecting just the speaker chosen but it seems it doesn’t do anything.

@Jan_Koudijs Thanks for the reply. In terms of versions … will be any delay on having a newer version through the Extension Manager vs the docker image or is the same? I don’t see the point of having a specific docker for this extension if I already have to have the one for extension manager. I guess less is better … right?

It works like this with my setup here: If I group several rooms together I can control the volume of an output in this group with my app (volume buttons). Is this not the case in your setup?
That’s why the app is output based, at least now for the beginning, it is clear what the volume buttons will do if they are only related to one output. Controlling the volume of a group is more complicated, I have to think about it first.
So for now, I will keep it output based. Hope this is ok. :wink:

Hi Jan it doesn’t seem to be latest version only 0.2.1 I thought the latest is 0.3?

@Boris_Schaedler just updated the app to latest in app store and its crashing constantly when I choose one specific Zone my Bluesound Node 2. Every other zone works. It’s very odd. It just dies as soon as I choose it and won’t restart.

At the moment that Boris pushes an update your local copy can be immediately updated via the Extension Manager by manually executing the Update action. If auto update is active it will be updated at the next run at the configured time.

For the image there is a step in between as it needs to be regenerated.

If you already have the Extension Manager then there is no need to run the separate docker container.

@Boris_Schaedler you’re correct for some reason it didn’t work before but it seems it was an issue on my end. I’m super happy with the functionality … honestly I just realized that I wasn’t using the Roon app in my phone that much because this was not available out of the box. Thanks for this man.

This is the current version of the extension, probably the app is at v0.03.

Edit: the app is at v0.05, so extension and app have independent version numbers.

Ok thanks for quick reply.

@CrystalGipsy sorry for the inconveniences…
Does it also crash when you cycle through outputs? Does it depend on what you are playing in this zone (if you are playing anything at all)? I assume this is new to app version 0.05?

Yes, version numbers are independent, app will be updated more often.

This is a really nice feature :ok_hand:t4:

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