Roon Extension and Android App: it'roXs!

Really browsing amazing. This users with older android devices that Roon won’t run on due to the the change in gfx needed.

Have you enabled it in Roon Extension settings?

@Jan_Koudijs this extension runs fine when using the docker on its own. So it’s an issue with it in Extension manager I guess. Will try and install it again and see if the issues with it , crashing and needing to be reinstalled returns.

@Boris_Schaedler running much better now and no more crashes and app runs all the time. Like the new additions and looking forward to more . Great app.

Another update today:
Extension v0.5.1 and App v0.12, just bugfixes and some improvements.

Happy updating :slightly_smiling_face:

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Docker updated :slight_smile:

Slider is awesome ! :slight_smile:
Is it possible to hide slider when touching other part of the screen ?


I’ve missed that too :wink:

The extension runs stable in my setup (that is outside a Docker container). I now switched to the containerized version of the Extension Manager and running it’roXs! in that, to make it closer to your setup.

If it terminates again let me know if the Extension Manager tells a signal name or exit code, you find this between the brackets at the end of the status message.

Ok will switch back to ext manager version later.

Should be fixed with new version!

Hi guys,

New versions are available: Roon extension v0.6.0 and App v0.20.

Whats new?

  • Queue view with ‘Play From Here’ functionality
  • Swipe left/right to switch views
  • Improved landscape layout (not yet optimized for large displays like tablets)

Happy updating!


@Jan_Koudijs this extension still crashing ext manager on my qnap using latest container. Remove it from the manager and extension manager stays up.

logs here!AgHQUEVFVR_n0847m-MpMsgcfWH_QQ?e=8CFNqK

There are no actual crashes in the logs. I do see uninstalls, updates and restarts as a result of a request via the UI. At the end of the log the Extension Manager terminates after it is running for a couple of hours. This can be the watchdog mechanism that kicks in if the connection with the core is lost. In such a case the restart should be taken care of by Docker. For this you have to provide the --restart unless-stopped option in your run command. Is this option in the QNAP setup?

Probably a bit afterwards. It doesn’t take long for it to go. I have uninstalled it all again and just installed the extension container and it’s still working hours later.

I edited my post just before you replied. Was the restart option set?

This restart shouldn’t happen but maybe there is some specific condition in which it’roXs! triggers the watchdog mechanism of the Extension manager (guessing here but it matches with your observation).

No idea if I can add commands. Not sure why it would be looking connection no other extension seems to and it was never down during using it.


new app version 1.00 is available. Basic controls (play, pause, skip, volume) should now work with smart watches. At least, it works now with a Garmin Forerunner Music 645:

and a Huawei Watch GT 2:

Any experience with other smart watches?


Good evening!

Another update today, extension and app. Whats new? Sleep timer!

Have fun :sunglasses:


Oooh. So how does this work exactly?

Have to say Boris your doing a fantastic job with this extension. Like some of your choices in that playlist to. Some of my favourites in their.

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The answer would be “really, really well”. I set it up to fade out after 30 minutes. At 30 minutes I heard a clicking. It was my RoonReady DAC having its volume controlled through Roon. It successively turned down the gain until the minimal set level was reached (-31dB). Very slick.

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