Roon Extension and Android App: it'roXs!

Only have a few zones Roon can control the volume, but it seems to just stop music for those.

Thank you, guys :slightly_smiling_face:

If you check “Fadeout”, the extension starts to decrease the volume 30 seconds before timeout. That’s the only way I can implement a fadeout. So it only works with outputs with volume control. When the timer has elapsed, the extension does a “Pause” and, if checked, an additional “Standby”, if supported by the output. This way you can fadeout and turn off an output.

Fadeout and Standby is executed on all outputs in the same zone with the output to which the sleep timer is assigned. I hope, this is the behavior one would expect…

Yep seems to be. I just cant use the fade out or power off on the one zone I would use it. Not your fault it has neither volume or power control from Roon.

Good news for all Radio Paradise lovers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Next update is available: extension v1.0.3 and app v1.04.

Please note:
You will have to re-enable the extension in the Roon settings after updating! Sorry for this…

What is it about?
I know there are a lot of people who would like to have Radio Paradise metadata and album art while listening to RP through Roon. This is what extension and app do now, have a look:



All four RP channels are supported (Main, Mellow, Rock and World), doesn’t matter which stream quality you choose. So you can choose the more reliable flac stream without metadata, the extension downloads the now playing info from RP and sends it to the app.

Let me know if there are any issues. Enjoy!


:grinning: :clap: Nice surprise for the weekend. Seems to work. Am I correct in thinking that album art will be visible only if Roon itself is also decoding the metadata and recognising the track?

No, album art should always be visible. All data, title, artist, album art and so on, is downloaded from RP. It doesn’t matter what Roon recognizes or not :wink:

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Hmm, not what I currently see :thinking:

Update the app! :nerd_face:

Very nice! Although the fact that metadata for the next track appears about 40 seconds before the track actually starts caught me unawares at first…

:crazy_face: :shushing_face:


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It’s about 5 to 10 seconds here at my place. The app is more or less in sync with the Radio Paradise website, when you track a channel. The audio stream is somewhat behind, and sometimes they talk between tracks…

The three track changes so far were pretty much spot on for me.

Interesting to see confirmed that Roon itself seems to have to guess the album:

it’roXs! (from RP itself I understand)



Enjoying the feature very much already and am curious about even wider potential to make use of live radio track data.

(Just musing: it rocks for me already :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • Can this be applied to other (popular) stations, especially where there is no stream-embedded metadata that Roon manages to capture and utilise? Admittedly I have no idea if there is any level of standardisation that would allow capturing track info from the stations without having to do something bespoke in each case? So the idea might be rather naive and not very scaleable in that sense.

  • What is not available currently with Live radio in Roon is some form of retrievable history / memory of recognised tracks from live radio streams. Even if this would be limited in scope (last xxx tracks broadcast) it would still be nice to browse through, and if desired to do something with it. Often I want to explore ‘that song I heard’ sometime after the fact and currently the info is transient. But I don’t know, and doubt, if the functionality to achieve this is accessible to extensions through Roon’s API. It might be more easily achievable in Roon itself I suppose, where it could maybe be a global toggle to enable adding of recognised tracks to a user-selected playlist.

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Thanks @ToneDeaf

This should be possible if a stations provides some kind of API like RP where I can download the current metadata. Do you have other stations in mind? But I don’t think there is a standard or so… correct me if I’m wrong.

I already had similar thoughts :slightly_smiling_face: It could be possible with Roon’s BrowseApi available to extensions. I have to take a closer look at this! And I agree, would be really nice to autogenerate a playlist or just keep the history :ok_hand:t4:

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No, I am afraid, I am not aware of any. I have worked in the past on systems that used (fairly crude) ‘scraping’ approaches for cross-site resource integration, and thought that perhaps for RP you had had to do something similar. if they have their own API that’s a different story.

I would have loved the ability to do more with BBC radio 6Music, but their streams seem to be on the opposite site of the spectrum, and are already causing problems as they are. Possibly because the current thinking at the BBC is that listeners should be encouraged to use their own BBC sounds app :unamused:.

That would be amazing!

Morning All,

stumbled across this and it looks amazing! I have installed both extension and android app, the two connect - I get the perfect / select output message.

It won’t let me select an output though, what am i doing wrong?

Good morning @Simon_Burns

What happens when you press the top left select output button?

The app icon briefly appears in the task bar at the top (where time, battery, etc. are), then nothing at all.

Make sure no firewall is blocking the port the extension uses to communicate with the app.