Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

(JohnV) #323

Thanks for the info. Since this is a special purpose RPi with which I hope to have no further contact, DietPi gets my (barely informed) nod.

First of several questions I expect. Printing out instructions now.

(JohnV) #324

Update: installed Rasbian and (I believe) Docker. Signed in to Docker website, found Khazul, copied the command line to pull extension, put it into the Terminal, and got this error:

Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Post http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.39/images/create?fromImage=khazul%2Froon-extension-deep-

I’m way out of my depth here. Any assistance appreciated.

Update 2: Fixed permissions issue. Now running two versions of Khazul. How does one kill one? Tried docker kill Khazul

(Jack Riley) #325

Check if you have multiple docker containers running: docker container ls. If so you can kill one of them using docker stop <container_name>

(Chris) #326

Hi, just installed this on dietpi w/docker and the extension doesn’t find my hub. The hub is running 4.15.210 dev firmware, i’ve tried restarting the hub, restarting the docker image, and the other harmony extension finds it without issue. What am i missing?


What version of the extension are you running?

(Chris) #328

Extension version 2.1.5+260.


Odd are you hubs located on a separate VLAN?

(Chris) #330

no it isn’t, network setup is just a simple typical home network, no VLANs.

(Chris) #331

so i tried the console app instead and that one found the hub straight away. i guess there is some issue with docker networking but i have no idea what, it is running in host mode and roon had no issue finding the extension.

(Larry Post) #332

@Adam_Goodfellow or anyone else that’s got this work;

I’ve setup Amazon Alexa Harmony skill and I’ve got pause and play working, and fast forward and fast rewind but for the life of me I can’t seem to get it to recognize skip track, next track, next song, etc.

I believe it may have to do with ‘inputusb’ being the command for next in Harmony/Extension. Any ideas to enable next track functionality via Alexa?

(Sebastian Ptak) #333

Some new exciting news from Logitech.

(Larry Post) #334

@Adam_Goodfellow, I believe I’ve found the root of the problem when trying to enable Alexa voice control for ‘Next’ or ‘Skip’ song. The device used as a bridge, the TCL 4k Roku TV device lacks transport controls.

Any chance I/you could replace the TCL 4k Roku TV device for something that has transport controls allowing more complete integration with Alexa Harmony skill?


P.S. Hy hub updated to the latest firmware, I enabled the xmpp support and the extension kept working without issue. Thank you Logitech for listening to your customers!

(Dom) #335

Great after my HUB updated to new firmware, I immediately activated XMPP and installed the Extension.
Works flawlessly, this truly upgraded my Roonexperience, finally being able to quickly play BBC 2 with a click on my remote, plus easily skipping etc.

Anyone with a Hub and Roon should install this.


Upgraded here to. All works.


I assume you cannot use this if you are running Roon ROCK, is that correct?

(Larry Post) #338

Nope, works fine with ROCK. It can’t run on the same machine as ROCK though.

(Isiah Lau) #339

Thanks for this great extension.

I have setup everything successfully. Link to an activity as well.

However, can I switch to this activity using Roon remote? Or I should go to Harmony remote to switch first?


It can start your activity when you press play, if configured correctly, so no need for the harmony remote to turn it on, but you will need to turn it off.

(Brett Kerbel) #341

Enhancement request. My turn-on sequence for roon activity take about 30 seconds. It would be great if we could configure a delay between the activity start and when roon starts playing the selected track.

(Dan Brown) #342

You can… you just put a delay in the start sequence in harmony before you get it to press ‘play’.