Roon Extension Manager now included in DietPi (v6.10)

(Jan Koudijs) #41

With the release of version 0.9.0 of the Extension Manager more extensions become available after the installation of Docker. On DietPi it is easy to add Docker to the mix, you can install it via the dietpi-software installer. Docker can be found in the ‘System Stats / Management’ group within ‘Software Optimized’.

Alternatively, you can install from the command line:

dietpi-software install 162

If you perform a clean install you have to install both the Extension Manager and Docker:

dietpi-software install 86 162

I created two videos, one that demonstrates the clean install:

And one that demonstrates the upgrade:
(Andy Spinks) #42

I wanted to add a few notes about how to retrieve log files from Roon Extension Manager on DietPi using a Windows PC. In brief, here’s what you have to do:

Enable logging in Extension Manager, restart it, then restart (with logging enabled) any extensions you are running. This will start generating the log files.

Install PuTTY on Windows, if you haven’t already done so.

Log in to the DietPi machine, run dietpi-software and change the SSH server to OpenSSH. Install and reboot. (Dropbear apparently does not support SCP.)

Open a Windows Command prompt and enter a command like this:
pscp -scp root@<ip>:/root/.RoonExtensions/lib/log/roon-extension-manager.log <local directory>
Of course, you will replace <ip> with the IP address of your DietPi machine and replace <local directory> with the destination folder path on the Windows PC, e.g., C:\Users\myuserid\Desktop

Hopefully this will be helpful for those like me who are primarily Windows users and can only do Linux with very, very specific instructions. :rofl: