Roon Extension Manager on sonicTransporter

Andrew Gillis informed me that the Roon Extension Manager can now be installed on the sonicTransporter! Only prerequisite is that you run Sonicorbiter OS version 2.7 or higher.

You can read about it on the Roon Extension Manager Wiki.

Thanks @agillis!

And thanks @R1200CL for making the initial request!


Seems like there are many ways to run the extensions these days…pity none of them include Roon’s own OS’s.

So easy :grinning:

Thanks @agillis

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I’ve installed Roon Extension Manager on my sonicTransporter i9.
Now, what if anything does one do to expose available extensions?

After opening Settings/Extensions, this is the view:

Shouldn’t a list of available extensions appear?
Or do they need to be installed one by one outside of Roon?

I’ve had the same issue on my SonicTransporter-AP since early January. One day, the extensions simply disappeared though the sT showed the Extension Manager as installed. According to @agillis a fix is in the works but with no projected time frame. Frustrating, as I had been controlling the volume on my Marantz AVR within the Roon app on iPad…

Bump! Is this still “non-functional” as I see the same empty screen after installing the Roon extension app on the sonictransporter i9! Looks like it would be cool to try that extension!

Will it take long until this is working ?

This should be working soon.

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Andrew, any progress on this?


Pinging @agillis

It’s working now but you need to upgrade to 2.8

SonicTransporter is out with 2.8 ???
Just press upgrade or ?

I’m still seeing 2.7 as the “latest” software version under Software Manager…running sT-AP.

How do we upgrade to 2.8?

Exactly! I only see 2.7 available which is the version already installed.

2.8 is in BETA right now. You need to make sure your on 2.7 if not do this.

If you are press the update button to make sure you have the latest 2.7.

Then run the upgrade25 procedure again, but use upgrade28.php in the URL instead of upgrade25.php. You will need to do this twice. It should walk you through it.

This is a BETA procedure but it has been working well in testing over the last few days.

You made it sound like 2.8 was a released version…I will wait.

Thank you, Andrew. I went ahead and successfully updated to the 2.8 BETA on my sonicTransporter i5. The only hiccup was that my Ayre QB-9 Twenty DAC was not initially recognized in Roon after the update (but that was rectified by powering the QB-9 off and then back on).

I cannot comment about Extension Manager functionality (unfortunately) as I do not use it. But as a side note, the known issue of 2.7’s incompatibility with native DSD playback thru the QB-9 Twenty is now resolved! Nice.

Thanks Andrew. Like @Jonathan I went through the instructions on a sonicTransporter i5 and it seems to go well, with the web interface indicating a successful update to v2.8 after the two part install process.

But… trying to install the Extension Manager, or indeed any other package that is not yet installed, fails with lines like this in the install log :

OEM Linux OS Packages 281 B/s | 324 B 00:01
Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘OEM’:
- Status code: 404 for (IP:
Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘OEM’: Cannot download repomd.xml: Cannot download repodata/repomd.xml: All mirrors were tried

Is there anything I can do about it at this stage?

Here are links to the full verbose info from installation attempts for the CD Import and Roon Extension Manager packages.

(The CD Import package was actually installed on the sonicTransporter before the upgrade to 2.8, but appears to have been removed during the process. Other installed packages, including Roon, are all there and seem to behave normally)

OK try to install the Extension Manager now. I think I fixed it.