Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

No Roon don’t work with screenreader technology becouse its interface is grafic! I have labbelet some buttons by my self using Jaws for Windows screenreader ability to label unnamet elements. But some buttons i don’ know the function.
I thing it is no big trouble to label buttons but it neds time to do. Best regards Robert

Yes i’m using Windows. But i have iPhone and IPad. I If this helps?
Best regards Robert

I am reading up on how to make the buttons more usable on a screen reader. Some articles say to use the “name” attribute and others say use the “aria-label” attribute to make buttons usable with a screen reader.

Once I figure it out, I will be updating the application. So expect an update soon.


Web Controller 1.2.11 is now published.

It contains names and aria related tags for the buttons to hopefully make things easier for screen readers.


Looks like NVDA only runs on Windows and the screen reader options on Linux are somewhat limited. With the new release out, can you try Web Controller under NVDA again?


Hi @Mike_Plugge,

I tried version 1.2.11 with the screen reader and the buttons are named now :+1:

Two things that I noticed:

  • When the Web Controller page is opened it always reads that the extensions needs to be enabled, even if it has been enabled in Roon
  • The ‘currently active zone’ button below the primary controls is read as “Previous”

Can you have a look at this?

The wrong text on the current active zone button should be straight forward. It is likely that I goofed while reading the code. It has been a long time since I looked at it and - quite frankly it is a mess!

I should be able to fix that when I get home in a few hours.

That extension authorization is weird. Will have to look into it.

Thanks for checking it!

Web Controller 1.2.12 is now published.

It corrects the name and aria-label for the button that @Jan_Koudijs mentioned.

I was not able to duplicate the extension authorization issue, though. I tried with my existing copy and with a new copy, with no luck. The issue is especially weird since that part of the code was not touched with 1.2.11 or 1.2.12…


The zone list issue is fixed. I did not get the authorization message this time, don’t know what changed.

@Robert_Tota, do you get things running by using the installer I linked in earlier?

Thank You verry much for descriptions for the buttons. Now it works perfectly. The only small update can be on the button “Zone list” It only shows the name of button not the selectet zone. But i can go with it .
I can duplicate the trouble with “This extension is not installed. Please use Roon client to enable it” I get this information olways after the restart of my Windows 7 64 bit where my Roon core is instaled. I have to go to te “roon-web-controller” and use command “node app.js” and it s tart to work. Best regards and many thanks for gread job. Now i can play my music using Roon.How i can viev my Quee list using Web Controller?

I can update the Zone List button to read the name of the zone if that makes sense. The names I put show the function of the button, but it can be switched to show the value of it.

Web Controller does not currently have the option to show the queue list. It is on my todo list, but I do not have an estimate on when it will be implemented.

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Is it possible to add shortcuts to the buttons: “previous”, play / pause “,” next “e.g.” prewious = (alt + shift + left arow) “? Or to switch between” Now playng “and” Browse library "? Blind users use the keyboard to navigate the web page.
Thank you very much for signing the buttons. It works great and made it easier for me to play music.
Robert Tota

I have one more request? Can you add information about the song format to the “Now playing” screen, eg: “Flac 24 bit 88.2 mHz,” DSD 64 "?
Please, move the time counter and information about the length of the song away from you. Now it is seen by the screeanreader like 2: 113: 55.
Thank you Robert for help

The song format is not exposed in the Roon API, so I am not able to add that. It is a popular request, but with the current state of the API, it is not possible.

Keyboard shortcuts are already on the todo list, but I don’t have an estimate on when it will be completed.

The whole app is in need of a rewrite to address specific needs for different layouts like touchscreen, desktop, TV, and screen reader. But the current code would not support it. I have defined requirements for each of the layouts, I just haven’t had the time to implement.

I moved into a new to me house in April and have been focusing my free time on the immediate needs of the house.

It seems to me that the “Show main menu” button should be changed to a button toggle between Now pleing and “Library browse”. You now have to click twice to switch between the library and now playing. This solution extends this transition. But if the “Quee list view” is added then this is a good solution. Because then we have three options to choose from. Thank you so much for all the help and understanding I have received so far. I understand that this is extra work in Your spare time, which can be used for other important matters. The more I appreciate what you do and the work you put into developing the application.
Best regards Robert

That’s a good point. I agree that a menu that you have to click through that only contains two options should be a switch instead.

Hello Mike,
Please add two options if the Roon API allows it:

  1. add to buttons in the library in addition to the already existing buttons: (Artists, Albums, Tracks, Composers and Tags one more button showing recently added artists, CDs etc. For me, only the recently added CDs would suffice.
  2. The second option is to add the option to sort albums of the artist by date of release in the settings. It helps in listening to the entire discography of the artist.
    Thank you in advance for considering the proposal.
    Regards Robert

One more question. As a new user I am probably asking a lot a lot, but for me nothing happens when I press the “Tags” button in the library. As I understand it, this should enable searching by tags saved in music files?
Best Regards Robert

For the menu:
From a UI perspective, I agree with you. It should just toggle between Library and Now Playing.
Unfortunately, to implement that would require an architectural change on how that page is presented. The page you are viewing is actually three separate web pages. One for the Menu Button, one for the Now Playing Screen, and one for the Library.

At this point, I would rather spend what little free time I have working on the replacement for this than doing an architectural change to the existing extension.

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For the library:
I agree with your use case, but the Library page simply shows what the Roon API provides. So changes to the sort options is something that I am just not able to implement.