Roon for (almost) blind users

I’m struggling with Stargardt Disease which is responsible for Macuala Degeneration (very bad eyesight). Are there any services available for Roon Remote to overcome this handicap?

A feature request exists here:

However, in this feature request thread, Danny referenced an older post of his, explaining that Roon cannot support screen readers because of how the application is designed. This older post was here:

However, a partial solution seems to be available by using the Roon Web Controller extension:

Of course, blind people may require different solutions such as screen readers, while users with very poor eyesight might find other solutions like strong magnification useful. Therefore, what’s possible may vary


Voice control using Siri or Google assistant might be an option, for part of the interface anyway.
I have not used them so YMMV.


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@Wes Just wondering if you made this a new feature suggestion on purpose rather than merge with this existing one, surely their votes should be pooled?

Voting for accessibility is problematic, by the way, there will necessarily and thankfully never be large numbers, yet this is a poor justification for exclusion. (I am aware of the the technical and economic challenges, just thinking in principle because we currently have this dilemma at work as well)

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