Accessibility for blind people

A chap on the Naim forum on a thread where I’m defending Roon’s cost (yet again) mentioned his son loves Roon but he cannot use it as he is blind.

Apparently with the Naim app he can use “voice over screen” to allow him “see” his music.

I’m surprised a relatively basic app like the Naim app can have this functionality but Roon which appears light years ahead doesn’t.

It would be nice if Roon could commit to making the software fully accessible for blind people.



Thanks for pointing that out. Actually, accessibility shouldn’t be something people have to ask for nowadays.

So, one could say that’s a major bug – and maybe more important to get fixed than fulfilling all our UX wishes, Xmas coming or not… … what does the Roon team think? @brian , would that be in your realm?


Definitely a feature request that could have positive benefits…

a bug? hardly…


It’s my point of view, obviously. I stick to it: this kind of exclusion by technical design - in software usually rooted in oversight - is a technical flaw. The software industry knows better and therefore should do so. Section 508 for example is near its 20th birthday.

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I think its a good idea, but it doesn’t qualify as a bug…


I think this functionality should be a given for all software these days.

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Fully agree

I agre with this. Just installed Roon in trial period mode about 30minutes ago. I have of course a great deal to learn, but al I get on computer starting of the app is the icon, and I cannot get anything to function via the keyboard. I have one of the new Naim network streamers, which is controlled by Naim’s app. So: it looks at this stage as if I won’t be purchasing Roon unless somethinig miraculously happens within the next 14 days.

It qualifies as negligence.

Spend some time with the knowledge base. It should be pretty straightforward.

I was surprised to learn of the lack of accessibility of Roon remotes.

@danny Is this on the cards from development at all? If it’s not and that’s due to costs I’d be interested in exploring a community fundraising effort to assist with that side of things.

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I’ve commented about this before.

Support for proper accessibility features would be a monumental task because we do not use the OS built-in primitives for display.

One approach:

This is what prompted me to ask about accessibility. Look like the dev for that extension has already added labels to assist in this area.

This should be standard for anything and everything, in fact, it should also be written into law the same way that an EU product being sold in the EU must have its manual written in multiple languages.

The Accessibly Roon Controller is verry appreciate. I’m blind music and aaudio lover iandi can’t use native Roon client becouse it is inaccessible!!! Please make Roon Controller accessible! Best Regards Robert

I understand that Roon Labs cannot or do not want to create a Roon Controller application available to people using screenreaders, assistive technology. It may instead provide more functions and options through the Roon API so that developers of such extensions as “Web Controller” can share them with the blind or others having trouble using the native Roon application. It’s already possible right?
Regards Robert Tota

Unfortunately, every item sold, leased, or rented, has to make decisions that weigh profitability vs. features. Sometimes that forces them to make hard decisions that leave segments of the population out in the cold. IMHO, I would like them to include blind people in their fold. I’m 68, and as of two years ago had 20/25 vision. But, I have noticed a slight degradation in the last 1-2 years. Will it lead to blindness?? THAT depends how much longer I live (I’m hoping at least 100!!). Maybe software development should be covered under ADA. Maybe that is overreach. BUT. it definitely warrants discussion. Anyone with a disability should be included into any discussion, no matter what field. They are as human as I am, and deserve any right that I have. PERIOD! End of editorial!

Maybe ALL software developers need to form a consortium to develop open source, disability directed code that is easy to integrate with any program. And if it requires all of us to pay a small upcharge, so be it. ADA should apply to everything, IMHO!

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any news about this issue?

I am blind and I’d like to use Roon, but I still see no possebility.

If it is not possible to make the Roon core itself accessible maybe at least a accessible controller app or something similar could be developed. I do not need to install Roon myself, this could be done with sighted help, but if everything is up and running and I like to listen to music, browse my library or music services like Tidal or Qobuz, this at least should be possible e.g. with an smartphone app, a web interface, e.g.

If there are already crontroller for smartphones e.g. available in my understanding it should be also possible to build a accessible app. The communication between the app and the Roon core is done in the background, so only the interface of the app has to made accessible, all other infos are already available, because the current app does need those informations too.

Please think about making Roon more accessible and useable also for screen reader users.

If someone knows about other ways to use Roon with a screen reading software, I’d be also happy to know about it.