Roon extremely unstable since installation three days ago

Since installing Roon on a Mac Mini three days ago it has rarely run more than a hour or so before it crashes with a ‘Roon quit unexpectadly’ message. I am usually able to restart it but a few times I have had to reboot in order to get Roon restarted. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing when it crashes, i.e. cleaning up album problems and/or listening to music. The configuration is an i7, 16 GB mini, OS X 10.10.5 dedicated to my audio system. I have 1500 or so albums on external drives (AIFF and Flac), iTunes and Audirvana as the player. Since day 2 of these problems I’ve taken care to be sure neither Audirvana or iTunes are running when I work with Roon but that hasn’t improved stability. Please let me know what additional info I can provide to help you diagnose this problem.


Hi William, I’ll drop a flag here for @Mike to follow up on this with you.

Mike or Carl,
Subsequent to my previous posting about Roon instability on Saturday I am no longer able to run Roon at all. I am getting a message saying “There was an issue loading your Roon database”. Please help!

Hi @William_Cambron – I had sent you a PM a few days ago about getting us some logs. Did you have a chance to upload anything to our server?

Let me know when you’ve sent some logs and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

Hi Mike.

I sent you those logs and on May 16 you sent me a message indicating your people had looked at the logs and there might be some corruption in the database. You gave me some instructions for downloading and reinstalling Roon which I did. Unfortunately I continued to have the instability issues.

I then uninstalled Roon again and have been working with Apple Support to attempt to determine If there is a hardware problem with the Mac Mini. So far there is no definitive evidence of a hardware problem.

Current status is we’ve cleaned the hard drive and are attempting to upgrade the OS to El Capitan from Yosemite to see if this helps with diagnosing the problem.

Even though I deinstalled the Roon app (#2), I didn’t trash the Roon library so if you want me to send the logs from the second install just let me know.

Ok – let’s see if there’s a similar issue at play now. Can you follow the instructions one more time and let @vova and I know when you’ve sent another set of logs?

That should give us a sense of whether the database is repeatedly becoming corrupted (which would indicate a hardware issue or something environmental) or if there’s something else going on here (like say, a corrupt file that Roon is having trouble with).

When we have a new set of logs from you, we should have a much better sense of what’s going on here, ok? Thanks for your patience @William_Cambron!

Mike, I’ll be glad to do that; I really want this to work. Before I start over again I have a couple of comments/questions;

  • when I did the reinstallation I had two Roon.dmg files in the Downloads folder; room. dmg and room-2.dmg. Curiously both had the same date/time in the :Last Modified” column, May11. The second download was actually on May 18 or so. I installed room-2.dmg but did I choose the wrong one?

  • During the first install I overlooked the instruction to turn on the iTunes-XML setting but I corrected that before the second install

  • When I installed the first Roon app I did not Trash the Roon Library. Should I have done that?

2nd Message:

Mike, I cannot locate the email with the instructions for uploading the latest Roon logs. Please resend.

Hey @William_Cambron,

  1. Press on your avatar in upper right corner
  2. Press on an envelope icon
  3. Open message with the subject ‘Crash on OSX’


Hey @William_Cambron – just sent you another PM. Take a look and we’ll get this worked out for you.



I think I successfully upload the most recent logs file; it’s name is bs…@gmail 25May2016 logs

Hello @William_Cambron,

Thanks for your logs, but unfortunately they don’t contain any useful info which can help us to understand your issue. Usually when OSX returns ‘Roon quit unexpectadly’ message, it should also give some sort of a report. Can you please copy/paste it here.

  • When you say that your music is stored on the external drives, you mean HDD connected over USB to your machine or NAS?
  • How many Roon apps installed on your machine right now ?:slight_smile:
  • Can you try to disable Background Audio Analysis (Setup tab in Settings) and check whether the app is still crashing?


Vova - I will answer your specific questions but first let me summarize the timetable for this issue"

  1. Initially installed Roon Core on May 11
  2. After frequent crashes and exchanges with Mike I
    followed his instructions to rename Roon Library and
    reinstall Roon
  3. I did this reinstallation but continued to have the
    instability issues. Sometime after this reinstall I
    uploaded the compressed Roon Logs
  4. I discontinued using Roon around the 16th or 17th
  5. I then deinstalled Roon and began working with Apple
    Support to try to determine if I had a hardware
  6. Over a two day period Apple ran various diagnostics
    but found no issues. At their suggestion we then ran
    Disk Utility to clear the Mac Mini hard drive, did a
    complete system restore from Time Machine and
    did an upgrade to OS X El Capitan from Yosemite

After this process was completed I didn’t reinstall Roon but have been using the Mac Mini fairly extensively without any problems.

With all that said, I’ll be glad to reinstall Roon (if I can do since cancelling my trial) and see what happens. If I get any crashes I will coppy the report OS X gives me and send it to you.

Now to your questions:

  1. My music is on an external HDD connected to the Mac Mini via Thunderbolt

2, At this time there is no Roon Core installed on the Mac Mini (although the renamed Roon Libraries are still there. I have Roon Control still installed on a Macbook Pro and an iPad

3.I assume the Background Audio Analysis you refer to is in Roon Setup and I will attempt to disable it when I reinstall Roon tonight

Hey @William_Cambron – I sent you a PM and I think you should be good to go here. Let us know how it goes!