ROON fails to find or list all songs according to TIDAL

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 on Mac mini 2018 (3,2 GHZ, 8 GB)
ROON 1.7 (build 511)

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Ethernet FritzBox 6360 Cable

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Description Of Issue
ROON does not list or find all songs according to TIDAL (only on my system?)

Interpret: “Willy DeVille”
Title: “Hey Joe”

TIDAL App finds at least two “Hey Joe” on the following albums:
“Live at the Metropol - Berlin”
“Willy Deville”

I had a great party on Silvester - until a very important guest asked me to play the above mentioned “Hey Joe” from Willy DeVille"…

I tried everything to find the song, but unfortunately no success with ROON.
(searching for Willy DeVille -> all titles -> “Hey Joe” is not listed)

Can you help, please?

I hit search typed ‘willy deville hey joe’, and got 4 tracks, the original on the 1st album, 2 live versions, and one from another album.

Hi @Klaus_Dolle,

I’m able to find this track okay in Roon — Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Thanks for your prompt reply. I attached screenshots from Willy DeVille (searched name). All track search results for Willy DeVille do not show ‘Hey Joe’.
Please note, that the search result show some titles from the album ‘Live at the Metropol - Berlin’ in the screenshot but not the containing ‘Hey Joe’ or ‘Hey! Joe’.

If I search for ‘Willy Deville hey Joe’ I can find the correct titles.


Hi @Klaus_Dolle,

The track results only show a certain subset of results — Our goal is to show the most relevant information first, but with just the artist name, it’s possible that the track you’re searching for won’t show up here.

There are a couple of options:

First, if the track you’re looking for is in your library, you can head over to the Tracks browser and filter by artist. This will show all tracks for that artist in your library. You can also filter by track name.

If the track isn’t in your library already, there are a couple of options. You can include more information in the search string (as you did with “Willy Deville hey joe”). You can also go to the artist and choose the album where this track appears and play the album from there.

I hope this helps!

Hi Dylan,
Many thanks again for your detailed answer!
Unfortunately I am not really happy with this. Because I used Spotify and Tidal app a long time, I expect all available songs and albums from an artist. If ROON says: “View all” then the search result should list in my opinion really all tracks.
My suggestion would be to choose between “View Top Tracks” (limited to 20 for example) or “View all” (no limit).
But again, this is my point of view, many other users do probably not expect this result.

For me ROON is a great tool with the best sound quality I have ever experienced!
(if you like you can close this topic now)

Thanks and Best Regards

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