Roon fails to load the database

Hate to barge-in on this conversation/thread, but I’ve got the same issue. Beyond frustrated over here…

I can start a new thread on the same topic, if you prefer.


Hey @Kevin_Brode,

You’re not barging in, but I created a new thread so that we can focus on just your case alone. Would you please share the details with us? :pray:

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Hi Beka,

Candidly, I’m so frustrated by this, I’m not certain how much time I want to put into a problem that your update created.

My Roon core sits on Mini Mac, running High Sierra, v10.13.6
Machine is directly connected to my Orbi mesh network
Data base sits on a Bluesound Vault along with local (mac) storage
Roon hits mostly Bluesound endpoints
I stream Quobuz along with local (burned) content.


Hey @Kevin_Brode,

I’m so sorry that the previous corruption in the database was exposed by the latest update and is now causing these issues. We’d love to help if you’re up for it.

Have you tried any steps at all to address this issue?

Yep. uninstalled Roon version, and downloaded fresh copy. No luck. Have re-booted/re-run the "fix the database from a backup 4-5 times. No luck. Not certain where to go from here.

Hey @Kevin_Brode,

Thanks for sharing that :relieved:

If the database is corrupted, then starting fresh would be the next step, as painful as it is for you to experience it and for us to say it. But, if it’s not, we wouldn’t want you to go through that. So, we’d like to make sure it is corrupted.

Would you please:

  • restart the Roon Core
  • attempt to restore a backup
  • let it fail and give you the error message (generally “there was an issue loading your database”
  • share with us the local date and time when you saw this message
  • grab a set of logs, zip up the entire folder and upload it to our drive

Many thanks :pray:


I’ll do that, and report back in the next day or so.


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