Roon fails to see playlist tracks

Roon Core Machine
Dell Optiplex 7060 Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700T CPU @ 2.40GHz
Ram 16.0 GB
OS 64-bit Windows 10 Pro

Networking Gear
Everything hardwired to Orbi router

Connected Audio Devices
Dutch 8c
Raspberry pi4 with Ropiee

Number of Tracks in Library =185k with 300 playlists (m3u)

All playlists, created the same way, work fine except for one.
It consists of 10 flac tracks and shows up in Roon as ZERO tracks & ZERO seconds

Using any other player i have tried (wmp, foobar, vlc, clemintine, jriver) the playlist works exactly as it is supposed to and plays all tracks just like the other ~300 in my library.

The only difference between this playlist and the others is the tracks were created in audacity . They are nothing more than mono (16b, 44khz) tone sweeps

If it’s that small just recreate it in roon?

I tried that and when adding the files to the playlist nothing shows up (no content). its as if roon is rejects the files as it wont add them
Is there some requirement on the types of files roon, can or cant play somewhere written down?

What type of file are they?
File type, bitrate etc.

as stated in my post flac, 16b and 44k

Checking the log files i see that there was a warning of unsupported stream paramters. No files imported.
Not helpful at all warning as it doesnt tell me which parameter is unsupported

The official list and towards the bottom home to get roon took at the files.,the%20DSF%20and%20DFF%20formats.

Thanks, my files meet all the requirments stated on that link.

If you can be bothered pursue with proper support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am not sure if its me being bothered or them. :slight_smile:
I have learned that path nets little as i am on their blacklist

I have found the problem and created a solution.
I have also found that information in the link provided is incorrect.

Can you describe what that was?

The following statement by roon is not correct. While it may support it (whatever support means) it refuses to import the files with the stated resolutions.

At this time, Roon supports mono, stereo, and multichannel content in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, OGG, and AAC at resolutions up to 32 bit 768kHz. Roon also supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 in the DSF and DFF formats

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