Roon filling my system disk and then crashing

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I’m on my trial with roon. I have a naive question – is there a way to limit the amount of data, that roon is downloading to the hidden folder on my server’s system disk while it indexes my collection? I have over 288k of tracks and the operation went well until about 70 k tracks. Then it slowed and at ~ 209k tracks stopped altogether, AND crashed.

I checked the system SSD (120 GB) with CleanMyMac and found, that the SSD is full to the brim with something, that does not show up in the file catalog. So I uninstalled the roon and got 90+ GB of free disk space.

Therefore my question is as follows – how can I limit what and how much roon downloads to my server?

Thank you for looking into my problem!

The support request needs to be in the body, not the title. I have edited that for you.

I would suggest that if you are just trialing Roon, you use just a small subset of your large library. At >288K tracks, your library is extremely large which might mean different spec requirements than most users.

Thanks for correcting my post!
I will await some ping back then.

In the meantime you might like to specify what your core is being installed on…120GB SSD (I assume) is very small for a boot drive in this day and age so I am guessing this in not a powerful machine.

Thanks for responding!
Server: Mac mini mid-2012, i5 2,5MHz, 8Mb RAM, 120 Gb SSD, OSX version El Capitan, music stored on 8TB x 3 HDD, 23535 albums in toto.
This is a carbon copy of the system of the man, that introduced me to digital music and roon in particular. I first consulted with him and his response was to install 240 Gb SSD and upgrade to latest OSX. He mentioned, that roon is downloading hidden db files system disk. This much I know.
If you could specify system requirements sufficient for running library of this size, I’d probably follow your advice.
In the meantime my question remains – is there a way to limit the size of roon db downloads?
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There is no way to limit the downloads, that I know of, since that is what Roon is using to create the database for the albums in your library. The only way, which I suggested earlier, is to point Roon to a smaller subset of albums. Less albums = smaller database size.

There is some guidance from the Roon team on the space you need for the database here.

Thank you , gentlemen!
I am clear now. Will begin checking SSD prices.
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