Roon forgets Album sorting setting (1.8/778/783)

iPad Pro 12.9 (2018).

Album View listing defaults to “Sort by artist” occasionally after setting “Sort by date added”.

Have you entered the album area via a bookmark when it changes the default?

That’ll cause this as the bookmark disregards the default setting.

No, I haven’t used a bookmark. Usually the setting sticks, but not always.

Hey @Daren_Peacock,

Sorry to hear about the trouble and sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I wish it would have been much much sooner :pleading_face:

Is this behavior still occurring if you update to build 778? And, have you noticed when this sorting order gets “reset”?

Thanks in advance :pray:

I will monitor and revert. I can’t replicate at the moment (B778).


It’s happened again for no apparent reason.

This issue is not confined to iOS. I’ve just experienced it on MacOS.

I am seeing the same. I usually sort Albums by date added and artists by most played. Every now and then both default back to sort by name.

Still not figured out a pattern as to when it happens. iOS and MacOS here.

The issue seems to be worse under B783.

Hey @bbrip, thanks for sharing that you’re seeing a similar behavior.

@Daren_Peacock thanks for keeping us updated - sorry about the ongoing issue. Our technical team will take a look at this as soon as possible.

Sit tight :slight_smile:

Hi @Daren_Peacock

Just to confirm, every time this happens have you navigated to the page using the navigation menu and click “Albums” or are you navigating through other ways?

Have you noticed and patterns in what seems to trigger this to occur?

The next time this happens please make a note of the time you see it and we’ll enable diagnostics. Thanks!

I usually click “Albums”. Consistent with @bbrip, I can’t find a pattern either.

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