Roon freezes after a certain time, you have to restart core on the iMac (Catalina)

I’ve seen many a fusion drive give issues on macs…it’s not an ssd either

So I could move the roon database to the external samsung ssd. I thought roon chooses during the installation process automatically the ssd part of the fusion drive. I m not an computer expert but I m trying hard to keep things going


Hi @Frank_Schulze1,

Roon is installed in the Library folder, which should be the primary HDD containing the MacOS installation. I would try the Roon -> Roon_old and set your current database aside, it should help if you were migrating to the fusion drive and there were issues in the old drive. Do let me know how it goes!

No as Noris noted. my point was that Fusion drives in my experience are not great reliability wise and are not the equivalent on an SSD at all.

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