Roon freezes after minimizing

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 PC, streaming the music to Naim Atom HE via ethernet. 4k monitor so windows scaling is at 200%

Roon generally works fine, but if I minimize the app on my PC, and then restore/maximize it back, the Roon screen is frozen. Music continues playing, but I can’t do anything in the app, none of the buttons are responsive. So, the only thing to do is close the app and restart it.

I’ve been using Roon for many months now, and love the application, but this issue is extremely frustrating and preventing me from fully endorsing it.

I’m hoping there’s a solution for this.

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@support, help please?

If you haven’t found it yet, see this thread.

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for bearing with us while we catch up from the 2.0 rush.

First off, we are collecting instances of Windows locking up. We are only seeing a small number of these from the entirety of our user base and it makes this really hard to isolate. Making it worse, we’re unable to duplicate it but that doesn’t mean we’re done trying.

I have something that I’d like you to try.

  1. With Roon closed, navigate to C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Roon\Database\Registry\Client

  2. Find the file there called saved_window_pos and rename it to saved_window_pos.old

This file contains the information on the Roon window size and position and I’m hoping to find that the renaming and subsequent rebuilding of the file will fix it for you.

Please let me know! This is a pretty quick change to implement and I’d love to hear back from you with your results.


Hello Wes,
I actually have had the same issue on Windows 10 but haven’t reported it. I’ve been following the main thread on the topic for a while now though.

I think I’ve only had it freeze once or twice since 2.0, but I’ve been using a second desktop as a workaround. As a test I made Roon almost as large as the full screen, but it was not maximized. In this configuration as long as I don’t minimize it, it has continued to work.

I’ll bring Roon back to my main desktop and resize it back to the approximate size when I was having troubles. I’ll also make sure to minimize it and leave it there for a while. If I can get it to freeze again, I’ll give your saved_window_pos test a try.

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Thx, trying it and will let you know how it goes.

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@Eric_Pouliot and @gsuzor91 I’ll look forward to hearing back from you!


So far Roon has not frozen on me, and I’ve not applied your test.

I have restored my Roon database a couple of times since I’ve had 2.0 if that makes any difference. I did it mostly as an experiment. (I started a separate topic on a question that came out of that, but I would say it’s low priority vs other 2.0 issues people are having.)

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We try to respond to things in chronological order. No issue or user is more important than another.

That said, I hope things continue to run well for you. Please revisit our topic if anything changes and I’ll monitor for replies.


It finally hung (blue circle spinning for a moment) and then crashed / disappeared this morning. No Roon.exe remaining in task manager.

I left the view on an album last night, and I started Live Radio from my phone when I woke up this morning before checking Roon on my computer. If I didn’t mention it earlier, I only use my computer as a remote. My core is a Nucleus+.

It feels like 2.0 is crashing less than before, but since I was using the “don’t minimize” workaround for a while, I don’t have any hard proof of that.

I’ll give the saved_window_pos test a try now.

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