Roon freezes and can't resume playback (TIDAL, Qobuz or local files) without a restart

Hey @beka,

I have the same problem as Alexander with the roon freezing while playing a stream (both Tidal and Qobuz). The method proposed by Alexander (or actually his wife) to change playback to a local file does not help. Also, changing the audio zone does not help. There are two cases:
1.When I stop playing and after several minutes I want to resume it, it does not start
2. Playback stops suddenly and cannot be resumed.
The only way out is to turn off the application and restart. After restarting, the playback starts without any problems.
I have an almost identical setup to Alexander ie M1, BigSur and Roon 1.8 (trial period, considering switching to roon from Audirvana). Nota bene when using Audirvana there are no such cases.

Hello @Zbigniew_Jasiolek,

Thanks so much for reaching out while you’re still on a free trial. We’d love to help :nerd_face:

Could you please use this article as a guide to share a bit more information about your setup?


Hey @Zbigniew_Jasiolek,

I was wondering how things have unfolded with you and Roon. Can we still help with anything? :nerd_face: