Roon freezing when open some artists

Roon Core Machine

windows 10
i7 7700k
16gb ram
1080ti gpu

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

rme adi 2 dac fs usb

Number of Tracks in Library

27260 tracks

Description of Issue

my issue is exactly this:

but for me the artist that triggers roon to freeze is sam kim. at least that’s the one i’ve found so far. it has never happened until today after the latest update 1.8 (build 1105) stable (64bit). that topic is closed and the solution there is not a real solution because i mostly use in full screen so please just actually fix this bug.

Hi @satanicballerina ,

Thanks for the report, the thread you linked is a bit outdated and much UI aspects have changed since then. Can you please let us know the time + date when you see this issue occur again and send us a set of your Roon logs? You can access Roon logs right after the freeze by using these instructions. Please upload logs here and let us know once uploaded, thanks!

thanks for your reply! sorry i’m slow getting back.

i have good news and bad news. good news is i fixed my issue with sam kim artist page freezing roon first by switching from valance artist image to a custom one, then i went to the valance art director page and updated it to a different image there and now even the valance artist image doesn’t crash roon. so i can at least confirm the problem is something to do with valance or artist images in general.

bad news is i can’t get logs from right after the freezing since it doesn’t happen anymore. i went back to valance art director and put a heart on the image that does crash roon but it hasn’t updated in roon still. i’ll keep checking back and if it crashes again i will upload the logs.

spoke too soon! it did switch back to the artist image from valance that freezes roon and i just uploaded my log files in a zip titled with my username! date and time is well right now or like a few minutes ago like 11:45am on friday 9/16/22. hope this helps find a solution to the bug. let me know if u need any more info. Thank!

Lovelyz is another artist I found that crashes roon on pc when in full screen. And again if I edit the artist image to have no picture it stops crashing so it’s confirmed something to do with artist images. This is still happening after updating to roon 2.0

Hi @satanicballerina ,

I know it’s been a while since we spoke, but I wanted to check in with you here, are you still seeing this issue at the present time?

There were a few graphical optimizations in recent Roon releases, so I would be curious to know if the behavior persists in the latest Roon build.

Also, looking over the previous logs your sent, it looks like Roon tired to go to a very interesting resolution of 1536x864.4 pixels, does the issue only happen when opening it on a certain display? What is the model/manufacturer of the displays that are you using?

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