ROON from iPad air 2

I am using the iPad on the 3rd floor of my house I have excellent WiFi connection and am able to stream TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora(and Qobuz) BUT am unable to get sound/music from my ROON app on the iPad- the music is playing the sound bar moves up and down but no sound. I am using an AQ DFR as my DAC connected via Apple camera kit to the iPad then out via single male plug to dual male RCA’s to a vintage Pioneer Elite M-90 power amp.
Like I said I can get TIDAL from TIDAL app on the iPad(as well Qobuz Spotify and Pandora) to send sound BUT with the ROON app no sound yet it is being sent/played by the iPad.
Any suggestions?? bobbmd

AFAIK, the iOS app on your iPad can only be used for Roon Control, it does not include the Roon Server or Renderer. So you will need some other device running at least the Roon Renderer to connect to the AQ DAC.

@ksalno is correct, but you can use iPeng 9 to turn your iOS device into a Squeezebox/SqueezeLite Roon endpoint. I’ve been doing this since iPeng added Roon support, and it works quite well. You’ll need to make an in-app purchase in iPeng, though.

@ksalno @orgel : thank you but it is all Greek to me!- so what you guys are saying is also true for A+3-I will look into the iPeng9

It’s not too geeky. Roon on its own doesn’t support playback from an iOS endpoint, like an iPad or iPhone. However Roon does support Squeezebox/SqueezeLite-based endpoints, and iPeng 9 lets you use your iOS device to emulate a Squeezebox.

To keep it simple, Roon has 3 components that serve different purposes - control, core, and output. They bundle their software to include some or all of these functions in different packages depending on the device type. So the iOS version of Roon Remote can only do control but the Android version of Roon Remote can do both control and output. So if you were using an Android tablet with Roon Remote your current config would work fine but not with iOS. Do a search for How Roon Works for a more detailed explanation.

@ksalno@orgel: I purchased the iPeng 9.3.3 and the other app to go with it so i could use ROON. Thank you both. It was a little ‘buggy’ at first since I couldn’t find anywhere that in order to get ROON to connect to iPeng and for iPeng to recognize my Mac mini one HAS TO enable squeezebox on ROON setup page!! but my 70 year old intuition still works!!
HOWEVER why does iPeng only have a max 320kbps on its audio output yet ROON is showing lossless and if i am playing MQA that MQA is being transmitted BUT the AQ DF RED shows only a blue LED ie 48000Kz and not 96000Kz? Sounds great(certainly does not sound like mp3 320kbps) but what am i listening to mp3 320kbps or lossless flac/mqa at 48000Kz?
Thank you for info on Ipeng

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iPeng should use FLAC up to 96kHz sample rate.
You can set it to limit the bitrate. It can do so with Logitech Media Server if you connect remotely over the cellular network but I don’t think that works with Roon so it usually should use lossless at the maximum supported bitrate.

MQA is not currently supported by iPeng.

If you look at your signal path in Roon, that should tell you the details. Post a screen grab of the signal path if you need help interpreting.

Owing to the modest speaker I typically use my iPeng/iPad setup with, I haven’t taken the time to mess with the MQA rendering, but I can verify that my DragonFly Red will do 24/96 with the right source material and/or upsampling settings in Roon.

@orgel: thanks-the signal path is still lossless or enhanced but the DFR is still showing only blue LED but it sounds very good and I have the DFR connected to iPad air 2 out to a vintage Pioneer Elite C-90 preamp and M-90 power amp circa 1987/88 and it sounds really good to pair circa 1998 Cambridge Soundworks(Henry Kloss) Model sixes- all via Apple Airport Extreme WiFi from my Mac Mini 2 floors below. As a matter of fact listening to even ROON internet Radio of ‘low Quality’ it sounds very good but again only the blue LED on the DFR

Sorry, I missed the obvious here: The DragonFly DACs are MQA renderers, so they need the first unfold decoded in software before you can get the magenta LED to light up. At this time, Roon doesn’t do this, so you’ll need to do your MQA experiments with, say, Tidal Desktop or Audirvana, which can decode MQA. (Also, note that @Joerg_Schwieder stated that iPeng doesn’t support MQA.)

I did this a while back, when AudioQuest first released the MQA-compatible firmware update for the DragonFly’s, with my DragonFly Red plugged directly into my iMac and using Tidal Desktop and my vintage Sennheisers, but it was just a test, since all my zones are fully Roonified, and it wasn’t worthwhile to start reconfiguring things just so I could stream Tidal MQA content to my least expensive DACs. Meanwhile, every night before bedtime, I say a little prayer that Roon will someday do the first unfold in software.

@orgel thank you and now that 1.4 is available ROON will do exactly what was i was asking! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year-i also hope ROON will do that first unfold also and hope that TIDAL remains in existence BUT we /I will always have Qobuz my wish is that ROON takes on Qobuz cheers bobbmd