Roon Front End does not connect to Core - again

Dear support team,

Core is running on MacMini B521

Front end is running on either iPad or iPhone. During a typical evening this “can’t connect” issue happens a couple of time. The issue goes away when (remotely) clicking into anywhere into Roon’s window on the core.

Noted that Roon had a issue whenever any window is “in front” of it on the core. For example this was the case whenever Mac’s system preferences told me that there is an update I could install. Removed all these notifications and was able to connect almost every time I wanted to the core. Now, the issue is back again but without any other process “running” in front.

Appreciate if this could be solved as it would be odd to purchase a NUC just to run Roon, also from a sustainability point of view :wink:


Hi @Sven_Eschholz,

That sounds very strange, I don’t believe I’ve seen similar reports like this yet.

First thing I would do is check the firewall on your Mac, can you confirm you have added both Roon and RAATServer as exceptions to the MacOS firewall? You can use these instructions to check.

Are you also using any other antivirus or firewall software on the Mac Core? Kaspersy/Little Snitch/Bullguard/ect?

No fire wall, no little snitch…


Have a look at the screenshots, exactly as described.

  1. IPhone can’t connect
  2. Remote window showing MacMini running core
  3. Upper right corner showing OS X notification about “available updates”
  4. After clicking on updates and then again clicking on roon window, roon on the core is alive again
  5. Iphone is back again connected to core


Hi @Sven_Eschholz,

Thank you for sharing those screenshot, they are a bit helpful. For next steps, I would try the following:

  1. Reinstall the Roon Remote app on your iPhone

  2. Can you confirm if other Roon Remotes/Clients exhibit the same symptoms? If you install Roon on another PC and try connecting to this Core, does that display the same behavior?

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