Roon functionality with Aries G2 Vega G2 and auralic software 7.3

I’m using Aries G2 with Vega G2 and I’m controlling the Roon app. After installing software update 7.3 (for Vega and Aries), when I turn off the set and then turn it on again (with the remote control without using a tablet), I can no longer start listening to the track where I left off. In software 7.2, this functionality was available in ROON. This feature is still available while controlling the Lightening app. Can I restore this functionality?

You will likely have to sort this with Auralic, after all, it’s their firmware.
Can you downgrade the firmware as a temporary fix?

I wrote on the Auralic forum but got no reply. However, I think the cause is Roon because the LDS app works as before.

But didnt Roon work before the Aurilac update? Therefore the thing that changed is the Auralic not Roon. It’s completely feasible they broke some Roon functionality with it. It’s happend to others such as Bluesound with updates.

I got the Aries G1, but after the upgrade to 7.3 it was behaving strange. I did even erase all settings and reconfigure it from scratch. It also has a bug with DNS resolution. Even if it gets a DNS server from DHCP it still tries to use as DNS server.

Another bug after the upgrade to 7.3 I had: For Roon everything looked ok. It seemed to play, but there was no sound.

Now, after power cycling and complete reconfiguration and using a static IP address it works as expected again.

Not the best upgrade from Auralic.

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FWIW, I have a Vega G2 and with 7.3, it still remembers the last song playing when powered down via remote. All I have to do is hit “play” after waking it back up and it resumes where it was.

I am not using an Aries with the Vega, however. Since I use it exclusively with Roon, there is no benefit to fronting the Vega G2 with an Aries.

That’s right: the Vega G2 itself behaves as you type. For me, however, the Vega / Aries duo performs better than the Vega itself and these are not small differences.
The phrase “after waking up” should be understood as: “after turning on”?

I remember reading on the Auralic forum that this is a feature, not a bug. Auralic was finding some DNS servers unreliable so hard - coded this one.