Roon got glitchy

I’m running Roon with HQPlayer on a Intel NUC 8 VR NUC817HNK PC with Windows 10 64bit, music is stored on a 10 TB USB external hard drive. I have installed the latest versions of both Roon and HQPlayer.

when I switched from Linux to Windows Roon, became glitchy.

The progress bar no longer works, if I play an album it will play one made two songs and then stop. Also if it plays the second song Roon shows that is playing the last song that I played but the second song is actually playing. If I use Roon without HQPlayer everything works fine. Except for the above glitch Roon with HQPlayer is working fine.

The other problem is I can’t flag this post to get support.

@support there ya go.

It might be that your library is still importing or being analyzed that will load the cpu more than normal.

Hi @mike_eastman,

Since this behavior only occurs with HQPlayer I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling HQPlayer. Let us know if there is any change after this.

I reinstalled both Roon and HQPlayer and then I updated both Roon and HQPlayer to the latest versions and nothing changed.

Got the problem solved. Reinstalled Windows 10 Roon and HQP, working great agin.

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