Roon GUI on TV?

Heya guys - I’ve got a MacMini running the Roon Server which lives in the A/V closet rack and is connected to both a TV and my audio system and distributed A/V.

My question: Can the Roon interface also be displayed on a TV and controlled via a remote? Or am I confined to phones, tablets and computer?

Nothing wrong with displaying it on a TV, but our UI is built for touch/mouse/trackpad–it would be a a very, very different design it were built for “10 foot” use with an IR remote. You’ll need something mouse/trackpad like to use it effectively.

I have a computer connected to a 55" tv and connected to my DACs. I use a remote air mouse and keyboard to control the computer. Or is this not what you are asking?

It works very well on a big tv with a mouse/keyboard combo. Use it that way everyday.

Nice to know you can output to a TV but was hoping for control with remote. Definitely not a deal breaker though.

Thanks for everyones input.

@Rugby, is the visual feed taken from the Roon endpoint or the Core?

the Roon endpoint. My Core server sits in the basement, but in the den I have a NUC i use as an endpoint with 1 toslink out to dac/amp and 1 usb out to DAC which then feeds analogue into the same amp. Also have a SB3 connected into the amp via coax spdif. HDMI to TV. TV routed to amp through 2nd toslink input.

I control my NUC wiht a gyration wireless keyboard and a logitech Air mouse. The air mouse, works like a mouse, looks like a mouse but you hold it in the air like a pointer. It can also be used on a flat surface just like a mouse.

@Dylan_Eddy I am not sure exactly what you are looking for in a setup. Any control point is going to be running Roon. I have started Roon on my tablet and casted the tablet screen to thte TV (both are samsung so it works well).

For parties I start Roon on my NUC, so it is showing on the TV, I choose the Audio Zone, start a song playing, and then go into full Screen Theater Mode which shows a blow up of the album cover. Leaving it there, I can then bring up Roon on my tablet, set it to control the same zone, and begin choosing the music from the tablet. Roon on Nuc to the tv will display the queue being chosen by the tablet.

Interesting, so Roon Bridge receives a little more than just the audio stream from Core.

sorry evan, not Roonbridge full Roon instaall.

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