Roon has ceased working after attempted update to 2.0, all was well before

Windows 7 professional (64bit) on ASUS Z87 platform, Intel I7 4770 CPU 16Gb Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cable network at 270 Mbps, ASUS RT-AX68U router
Synology NAS for “local music”
Qobuz subscription

Connected Audio Devices

IFI Stream > Topping D50s DAC
Mac Mini > Denafrips Ares II DAC
Core machine Topping DX3 pro dac

Number of Tracks in Library

can’t see now, but 12,000 or so

Tried to update to ver. 2.0, no written warning that it would not run on older windows platforms, does not run at all. Tried a reinstall but will NOT index any music files, and audio devices page is blank. Inoperable. Need help.

Have you tried to install the 1.8 Legacy version.

yes…I tried, but am not sure I am following the steps correctly. Unsure how to d/l the installer to IOS

I finally did a complete uninstall including all data files, then reinstalled the legacy version on my core, my mac-mini (main listening area) and my IOS phone. Now I am rebuilding all the edits I had in place to give the look I want. So I’m all good, but a bit miffed your site promoted the ARC/2.0 release without STRONG mention of the needed system, and the potential result of a update fail. Poor customer service in my mind. I hope the bugs get worked out by the time I get on a windows 10+ platform.

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