Roon has disappeared on my Network

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I am using a ZenMini and want to send music files from my PC Windows 10. Have not done this for months but this is the first time this has happened. I have wifi / ethernet. Music works fine from Roon via my two Opera speakers and Moon amplifier.

I’m not sure from your post what the exact problem is. Could you expand?

Yes, my Zenmini was not on my Network directory. This is where I would add music files to Roon. I use my Windows 10 PC to do this. To listen to music via Roon, I use my iPad via amp and speakers & this works fine. I did accept the recent Roon updates on the iPad and PC. We did have a recent router issue that resolved our internet, everything else works fine. Can I re-install Roon or will I lose my music library? Can I add Roon back to my network? Have no clue, love music, tech side of things, not so much. Any help is greatly appreciated,

Hi @James_Sheridan,

If you create a Backup of your library, you can reinstall Roon without losing anything.

Just to clarify, you wish to have the music files playing on the Windows 10 PC’s speakers? If this is the case - have you installed the Roon app on the Windows 10 PC and have you enabled System Output in Roon Settings -> Audio?

Hi Noris:
No, I don’t need to play Roon through the PC’s speakers. I have tried to backup with a Seagate external hard drive plugged into my PC. Using “Backup Now”, “Add Network Share”, it does not accept “Seagate Backup USB3 (G:)” . What am I doing wrong ? Does the path need to be entered differently? Do I somehow have to try to get my Ext. HD onto the Network ? How do I do this ?

Just to verify, You have an Innuos Zen Mini with RoonCore. And the issue is…

The Zen has storage and you used to be able to see and copy music to the Zen’s storage location from your Windows PC and now cannot?

Or, are you trying to add a storage location in your Roon Core pointing to an external drive on your Windows 10 PC and you are not able to do so?

Hi guys.
I had the same problem today. I couldn’t access the share via Explorer. It looks like Microsoft has disabled support for SMB with guest login. You are however able to enable it again. This worked for me, and I once again could access my Rock\data share.

Br, Jonathan

Hi Daniel,
My situation is the Zen has storage and I used to be able to see and copy music to the Zen’s storage location from my Windows PC and now cannot.
Thank you


Thanks for clarifying the error state. Can you please confirm if you are able to properly access this drive outside of Roon, through Windows Explorer? If you are able to access it through Windows Explorer, could you please share a screenshot of the Explorer Window opened to the drive attached to the ZenMini?

Hi Noris:
Yes, I can access the Network drive outside of Roon. The screenshot is attached


I’m not noticing any drives listed there, the R6400 looks like a router to me? The Local Disk C/D would be referencing the storage attached to the PC and not the ZenMini.

Hi Noris,
I am continuing to try to Backup. I did get my USB HD to show up on my Network directory but it eventually disappeared. The description I entered in Roon was not acceptable. I have asked my IT friend to assist in trying to get the USB Drive to show on the Network and will send you screenshots of it and get some suggestions as what description Roon will accept. A browse function in this circumstance would be great.

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If the share is not stable via Windows Explorer, it likely won’t be stable via Roon either. I would suggest providing the following documentation for your technical friend for when they take a look:

Add Folders By Path
Adding NAS to Roon

Hi Noris:


I am running Windows Home Edition. Innuos Support provided a solution,

START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES > TURN WINDOWS FEATURES ON OR OFF > Select SMB 1.0, tick left side box to enable, press OK. Windows took up to 10 minutes to search and apply changes, then required a reboot. Zen Mini files now accessible on my Network. I have also backed up my media library to my USB Seagate HD.


Overnight uploaded the Roon database to a new empty (Free) Basic Dropbox, this AM was advised my Dropbox was now full so I aborted this partial Backup. Going forward, some idea of what size a typical Roon database is, would help as I search for an alternative way to Backup. If a browse function was available in Roon Backup, I may have been able to point to my external HD ?

Thank you,


Under the backup section, there is an “Add Network Share” option. My current modest library is about 1k albums and takes 2.4 GB of space for a backup.


Glad to hear you were able to resolve the SMB issue with Innuous’ help.

On my end - 9,000 album library with ~2GB backup size (note, I don’t have any custom metadata edits).

You should be able to point Roon to an external HDD, is this connected to the Windows 10 PC or to the Zen Mini? You can add the drive by going to Roon Settings -> Backups -> Scheduled Backups -> Add -> Browse.

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