Roon has introduces a poping/static noise when advancing tracks

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Adding Roon has added a terrible pop/noise when advancing tracks. I’ve used TIDAL and a CD play with no issues until I introduced Roon. The forums and support pages are so complex to find any solutions. What gives? No matter if I use Roon from desktop, tablet, or phone, I hear this horrible poping/static noise.

We are really going to need a lot more information here to begin to try and assist.
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Without more information I can only guess but this can happen when playing to a DAC and the sample or bit rate is different between tracks or when going to/from MQA.
Unfortunately this is a consequence of the particular DAC architecture and not Roon.
If this describes your use case there are some work arounds:
In Device Settings try adding Resync Delay.
Start small and gradually increase and see if that helps.

If that doesn’t help try going to DSP settings and configure Sample Rate Conversion so everything is converted to the same value.
I’d suggest 44.1Khz to start with as higher values can be more demanding on your Roon Core and could introduce another issue.

Edit: It just occurred to me there is an easier method to accomplish sample rate parity rather than setting sample rate conversions.
I can elaborate if the issue is in fact occurring between tracks of differing rates.

Thank you for your quick response! I will play with these settings. Again, thanks!

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