Roon has no longer working

Hi when I try and play a song it will show in the bottom bar, with duration of the song and then it disappears. It shows that nothing is playing.
QNAP TVS 682 with SSD, Dlink gigabit switch, PS Audio Nuwave. Controlled by Macbook pro. Everything was working previously. @support
When I try to get an album to play, the songs just flick through at the bottom of the page, but nothing actually plays. I’ve restarted Roon on the QNAP.

Hello @Michael_Shaw,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here.

  • Can you please try rebooting your Router and all relevant networking equipment as a first troubleshooting step?
  • What is the model/manufacturer of the router you are using in this setup?
  • If you temporarily connect your devices directly to the router and bypass the switch, do you still experience the same behavior?
  • Is this issue affecting all of your zones or only the PS Audio Zone, as in are you able to play music on the Macbook Pro’s “System Output”?
  • If System Output works as expected, I would take a look at the PS Audio DAC and try rebooting it and/or replacing the cable for it to see if that has any effect.
  • Does this issue affect both TIDAL tracks and local library tracks or is it affection just one and not the other?
  • Have you changed any firewall settings recently or verified that Roon is listed as an exception? We have had reports that the OSX firewalls blocked access for Roon and I would check to see if this is the case using these instructions.

Please let me know your findings when possible.