Roon has suddenly stopped working - iPads and Mac computer

Roon Core Machine

Macs - iMac and laptop - MacBook Pro M1 Max chip

Networking Gear & Setup Details

hard wire connection (ethernet) Xfinity - current Araknis AN-110-SWW-R24

Connected Audio Devices

Hard wire connections
Mark Levinson 326S preamp
dcs Bartok
Aesthetix Janus

Number of Tracks in Library

3.5 Tb on Synology NAS DS 101n+

Description of Issue

abruptly on Sept 11 I get the following notice on all iPads and computers:
Incompatible\ verson
Roon is trying to connect but your Core and Remote are running different versions
2.0 (build 1128) production
Checking for an update

This Mac
1.8 (build 1021) stable
You have the latest version installed

What’s next?
For more information about resolving mismatched versions visit our help center

When I go to the help center, search mnismatched versions, I find nothing that is helpful

David, sorry to hear that you are having a mismatch version issue. A fellow user here, and I am assuming you want to migrate all devices to Roon 2.0, is that correct?

If so, and your Roon Remote on your Mac is not being checked for an update (on your Mac, have you gone to Settings → About and check for an update?), then it may be best to redownload the latest Roon 2.0 DMG from Roon at

and reinstall this on your M1 Mac. As this now is running natively on Apple Silicon, you may also see a performance improvement.

You also will need to go to the Apple iOS App Store and redownload the Roon app for iOS which also is at Version 2 B1127.

Does this help?


Hey @David_Kumpe,

I wanted to follow up on this thread and see if @Robert_F’s response helped? After reviewing your account, it looks like you’ve been able to successfully upgrade all of your roon devices.

Let me know, thanks :pray:

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