Roon has trouble to verify my connection with Roon Company

Hi my friends,

I got a message from my Roon remote app, “Roon is having trouble verifying your connection with our servers, so metadata improvement has been paused……”

I have checked all connections of my system, all with well connected. My Roon version is 2.0 too. I also tried rebooting Roon many times. But problem is still there.

What’s happening? Please help, thank you very much!

Please give full details of your setup, in particular the details of your Roon Core and your network hardware and configuration. Thank you.

Try rebooting your network first then reboot your core

The message is normally because you log on didn’t connect to the Roon cloud

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Done, thanks for the advice !!

Hey @Johnson_Chong,

Thanks for your patience! I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were still having issues?

Let me know, thanks!

Thank you so much! Every thing is all right in this moment.
Best regards

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