Roon help pages (on website) - broken images?

Anyone else see broken image icons on this page, and others like this please?

If not, I’ll check my ad- and content-blocker setting again… although I have the domain allowed in all cases, am not using a VPN and can see all other images on :slight_smile:

Here’s the error I get when I try to open in another window (Safari 15.0, FireFox 94.0.2 on macOS 11.6.1:


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Yes. I believe another thread was opened earlier.
Images don’t load on Knowledge Base - Support - Roon Labs Community
I tried to help there and support is going to need to step in it would appear.

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Thanks, Paul…

My bad for not finding that thread (I did look!)

I’ve sent a support request to Roon; would be really useful to see those images as I’m still finding my way around Roon (love it, BTW!) and want to make the most of its many options.

Thanks, too, for confirming that it’s unlikely to be anything in my settings :slight_smile: .

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