Roon high power usage

It’s a backup software, I just referenced av and backup in my reply.
If it doesn’t do anything else maybe you can disable AV and see how that goes.
Memory does seem low for that size of library, but the sheer size of the database might require a more powerful pc.

What generation of Intel chip is it, as you might 2ant to look at a 11th it 12th generation if it is something like 5–7

No backup services beyond the one scheduled from roon itself. That happens in the early hours. I have not tried excluding it from av scans

I am not sure about the chip generation. The pc is only two years old. I will have to check. I guess I will also replace the memory chips even though task manager has never exceeded 35% memory usage.

Windows manages memory differently than Linux, as it includes the Swap as memory which is generally much larger than RAM.

Definitely worth excluding both Roon and data from AV, and not going to hurt to switch off realtime scanning just to see if it helps.

It could be a couple of years old and still have a 7th or 8th generation chip, as I have purchased a number of them for work.
If you were running on ROCK I imagine you would be sitting on a regularly crashing device. Windows holds it together a bit better due to that swap, but it is dragging the app down to sloth slow levels.

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What do you mean, “it slows down”? The user interface is less responsive? The music it’s playing has dropouts?

What’s the GPU (the most power-hungry piece) in that PC? Maybe Roon’s underpinnings simply aren’t optimized for that GPU, or perhaps you need to update the drivers for that GPU.

What release of Roon are you running? The most recent is b988.

You might want to look at this thread:

Apparently Remote Desktop doesn’t use the latest optimized interface.

My cpu is a i7-6700 and the machine is a Lenovo m900. All drivers and bios are up to date. Roon is the latest version.

So 7th gen, the 8th was a big step up in multi threaded performance and core count, and the 10th again.
But it’s a decent specification, though my library at a tad over 70k is long way short.

@Uwe_Albrecht might be of some help here as he has a Library of over half a million and has had some issues with systems coping with this.

Let’s see if he is available to chip in some useful knowledge.

I just excluded my roon folder from av and I am doing no backups. Still, upon reboot, it went right up to high power usage. Never seen anything like it. Does anybody think if could be defective hardware? I will try to get two 16gb wafers but I need to check if the m900 can even handle it.

Double that and change

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Does the box look like it might be getting hot?

I have an i7 mini Dell machine that I was using for Roon it was throttling all the time. Eventually bought a can on compressed air and a load of dust was blocking a lot of the grill’s.

When I upgraded my Much I bought an Akasa fanless case and that has worked really well even upscaling to DSD256 for hours at a time.

Not sure if you have an issue like this but worth having a look

Ouch, in that case he can definitely add some context :grin:

The machine is not overheating. Still, I used a can of compressed air last night.

Good to know that

A large database like yours will use a lot of ram, my 330k track setup uses >6.5gb most of the time. Power usage is probably calculated on ram and cpu combination of usage. It also fluctuates to medium and high power use. I’m using 32gb and an i7 10700 cpu in a Fanless chassis

Can you please share what is your hardware? I would like a trouble free experience even if I have to cough up the money.

It’s in my post other than the mother board which is an asrock H410M-ITX/AC

Well. I just doubled my memory to 32gb. Still high power usage. If it is a combination of CPU and memory, it should have gone down.

Well, I wonder if you are fixating on the wrong problem. You have a fairly large database which does need sufficient RAM, so having increased RAM is ok. But still, your processor is a Gen 6 i7, with benchmark results not up to my Gen 8 i5. Roon definitely does at times CPU-stressing processing, and this will make power usage indication go up. Power usage is relative to your platform.

What you should talk about is the user experience when using the system from a Remote. In your original post you talked about ‘slowdown’; what exactly slows down? Do these slowdowns still occur after the RAM update? Do the slowdowns eventually go away and the system feels normal again?

I also notice slowdowns from time to time. This is, the user interface on my Mac Remote suddenly feels sluggish at scrolling or at performing searches, page loads are slowed down, saving a new album into the database is slower than normal. As I do regularly monitor my Roon server, I can say with total confidence that these slowdowns always are related to Roon processing metadata updates or related processes which keep the server occupied. As soon as these processes terminate, the user experience is back to normal. Of course these processes with your large database size (which doubles mine in track count) will last noticeably longer.

What I would try to do is to correlate the user interface responsiveness, the experience when using the system on your Remotes, with what the Roon server is doing at that moment… On Linux there is the very handy tool tail, which allows to follow a log file as it is written to. This in Windows isn’t directly available, but there seem to be ways to achieve the same. I have not been using Windows for the last 15 years or so, so I can’t try this here nor can I guarantee that it really works. But have a look here:

If you can make this work, you can ‘tail’ the Roonserver log file on your Windows server, while using the system normally from any of your Remotes. If you notice a slowdown, have a look at the lines being added to the Roonserver log, as this will give you clues about what the Core is doing.

One last point. You posted in a forum category which is not usually being followed by Roon support staff. If you wish, I can recategorize your post into the Support category, so you will receive help by Roon staff.


I already moved it to support as I feel that will be a better fit and possibly get more attention.

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