Roon holds onto DAC on pause [Solved]

Apologies in advance if this has already been asked!

I have an Audiolab M-DAC + and Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2

When I pause a song in Roon the DAC always displays the last Resolution that was played - and does not revert to the default setting. I am using Exclusive Mode.

It seems to me that Roon is keeping hold of the device. I also have Audirvana + and this always releases the DAC and the DAC always displays the default 44.1khz resolution and not the last played.

Is there anyway to prevent this?

Many thanks!

Try touching the pause button for a couple of seconds.

Yeah, it should let go after a few seconds. You can also long-press the play button, or use CMD + T.

Many thanks but still no luck.

Just to make sure I have understood your suggestions:

I played a 24/96 track in Roon and then left clicked the pause button and held for multiple seconds. The song paused but the DAC remains locked.

I repeated this and then tried CMD + T the song paused and the DAC remains locked. I then quit Roon.

Opened A+ played a 16/44 song and the DAC display shows ‘unlocked’ > ‘PCM 44.1kHz’ I stop the song and it displays ‘unlocked’ > then it shows ‘PCM 96kHz’ - like it is still being held onto by Roon.

I turned off the MAC and then powered the DAC off and on - and it defaults to the correct ‘PCM 44.1kHz’ default display.

But once I power on the MAC it changes to ‘PCM 96kHz’ - or the last resolution played by Roon

The same issue happens for all resolutions when played in Roon.

Next I may uninstall Roon and check that this behaviour goes away - but a bit loathed to do so as it will need to index my library again…

Just rename your Roon database directory to .bak or something, and then after a reinstall just delete the new database and change your .bak to its original name again.

I could have worded that better but hopefully you get the gist.

Hi @support - any idea why I may be getting this behaviour?

Let me know if you need further information, thanks in advance, JD.

Hi @Jonathan_Dibble1 ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Just to make sure I am understanding this correctly (based on this observation made):

“Opened A+ played a 16/44 song and the DAC display shows ‘unlocked’ > ‘PCM 44.1kHz’ I stop the song and it displays ‘unlocked’ > then it shows ‘PCM 96kHz’ - like it is still being held onto by Roon.”

You closed Roon and played a 16/44 song via A+ and the DAC displayed
“PCM 44.1khz” as expected and once playback completed the DAC flipped over to “PCM 96khz” which was the last thing you played out of Roon, correct?

While some other applications re-set the DAC settings (In this case as you saw with A+), Roon at the moment, does not function in the same manor. Is this interfering with playback, or is this more about the fact that roon is not resetting the DAC after playback completes? We would traditionally consider “holding on” to mean affecting playback, so I want to be sure I am understanding the concern/issue here correctly.


Hi Eric.

Yes - your correct I was not using the correct terminology! Playback is not affected, this is purely a cosmetic issue.

You said Roon at the moment does not function in this manner, is a change planned?

Happy for the support request to marked as solved as this is expected behaviour.

Many thanks!

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