Roon HQPlayer Fidelizer Pro

Was running Roon and HQPlayer working fine.Added Fidelizer free worked fine.Purchased Fidelizer pro.Downloaded couldn’t get to work.Removed it.Trying to figure out all day.Had working for a little while.Turned computer off now can’t get to work again.Cant even get Roon to play on its own.When trying Roon With HQPlayer no sound and just get green bar going back and forth in Hq.Running Windows 10 computer with music stored on external disc FireWire.Dac hooked directly to PC by usb.Roon and Hqplayer on same pcRunning Roon server on PC.Any ideas or am I going to have to start over by fresh install Windows Hqplayer and Roon ? At a loss

Don’t use Fidelizer so can’t advise. Suggest you post in the Fidelizer Support thread. They may be able to assist.

I would also talk directly to Fidelizer. I did notice that on their website, they note that Pro was re-designed. Maybe drop down to the other paid version of the software, Plus, and see if that works.

Any ideas.Roon and Hqplayer were working .Turned computer off tried to use again and nothing just a green line going back and forth in Hqplayer ?

Which version of Fidelizer? Also, when you say you removed Fidelizer did you actually uninstall it?

For what its worth, I use HQP + Roon on Server R2 Essentials running both Fidelizer version 6.14 and Audiophile Optimizer.

Removed Fidelizer.Was latest version pro.

Second day have been at this.Just a green bar going back and forth on HQPlayer no sound and sample rate does not change on dac

Not a dac or usb probplem.