Roon icon turns to generic icon and roon.exe missing

Problem: I don’t always have roon running on my office PC. I try to start it by clicking on the icon in the tray and notice that the icon has changed from the roon icon to a generic (sheet of paper) icon. I’ve had this issue 3 times now over the last few weeks:

  1. I notice that the roon icon in my tray has changed from the roon program icon to a generic icon.
  2. Clicking on this generic icon just makes the PC look for the program, but it can’t find it.
  3. when I go to users > name > appData > local > roon > application, I see that Roon.exe is missing
  4. I can reinstall roon and all is back instantly (no rescanning of data, etc.)

Running 64 bit Windows ROON (control, core, output). Nothing connected to the PC for playback (just using Windows internal soundcard in this setup). PC is running Win 8.1 Enterprise, 8.00GB ram, 64 bit system, intel Core i7.

Just a wild guess here, but is your computer running some sort of virus scan that thinks Roon.exe is a virus. Is there a quarantine folder to check?

Cheers, Greg

good point. My virus software “BigFix” (that’s what the company uses on all machines on our network) has real time scan turned on. The report doesn’t show any files quarantined or deleted files/programs. Of course in the world of AV programs, one never knows what is actually happening.

Roon has run for as much as a week 24/7 without me exiting the program and exhibits no issues. I’ve started and stopped the program numerous times and all works well for days afterwards. If it is AV program, it’s not picking up on it during all that time.

For no reason that I can see, occasionally the roon.exe just goes missing. I’ll reinstall by running the install program as an administrator and see if that makes any difference.