Roon ignores preferences for album title

Hi, @support
i assume that Roon has an issue with the metadata of unidentified albums (possibly with special character {}

MP3TAG: H To He Who Am The Only One {SHM-CD 2013}
Metadata Preference: Prefer File
Roon Editor still shows: H To He Who Am The Only One {SHM-

Here are some screenshots:

Kind regards

Thanks for reaching out, @Manfred_Zabel!

I’ve passed your report along to the technical team for further investigation. Once I hear back from them I’ll be sure to update you here.


No need for the technical team.

Roon automatically redacts, for example, “CD ##” from an album title tag – because Roon thinks that might be just the disc number of a multi disc set. I do not feel that this behavior is necessary or should be imposed. Many a disc format or catalog number that may be included in a title tag can trigger the excision. But it is what it is. And you can edit the album title in Roon manually to include the removed “CD” appellation.


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your explanation, but I disagree. In my opinion “Prefer file” should give me an untouched file tag. Should be the decision of the technical team whether they want to take a look or not.

You are missing the point. Dylan invoked the technical team because he ostensibly thinks that this may be a bug and does not realize that this is Roon behaving as intended.

If you want Roon to alter this behavior, you are barking up the wrong tree with support. You need to make a feature request. But I doubt that Roon will make the change.


Hey Manfred,

@WiWavelength is correct here. Anything we detect that looks like version information (“HD Tracks 24/192” or whatever) is going to be pulled out to it’s own field, which we use in a number of places to clearly distinguish what version of the album you’re listening to, while preserving the actual title of the album.

If you want to know see what version of the album you’re looking at in the album browser, you can enable “Show Album Version” on the General tab of Settings, and this information is already shown on the album page directly under the cover.

Roon is not a file tag editor, so I’d encourage you to not think of these fields as interchangeable snips of data – the title of the album is different than the version information, and if you don’t use these fields the way they’re designed, you’re going to run into issues.

For example, take a look at this page from my library. Here we see that I have a few versions of Kind Of Blue, which are grouped together (as described here):

For this screen to work properly, we need to have the right information in the right place – these albums all share the same title (“Kind Of Blue”) and two of them also have version information (“24 Bit - 192, HDTracks” and “Columbia Jazz Masterpieces”).

None of this would work if Roon wasn’t designed to preserve that valuable context – the name of the album in your screen shot is “H to He, Who Am the Only One” and the system ensures that every copy of that album is matched up, whether they’re in your library or streaming from TIDAL.

This can’t work if version information is jammed into the album title field, so right now there’s no way to disable this functionality, and I don’t think there’s a feature request here. Feel free to open one or comment if there’s one I missed, but as Andrew mentioned this is not a question for support, since this is currently working as designed.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on demand for a change here, and thanks for the question and the feedback @Manfred_Zabel. Much appreciated!

Mike, you may have touched upon this implicitly. But to clarify, Roon will extract from the title any text inside brackets and display that in Roon as your aforementioned version information. However, Roon will redact certain text patterns, such as Manfred’s “CD 2013,” from both the title and the version – because Roon thinks that might be just a disc number. The emphasis here is that even the version field in Roon will not populate automatically with the prohibited text patterns.

This long since has not been a problem for me. I manually edit the title and version in Roon as my workaround, so I have formed my own solution. But others may not be so willing.


Hello Mike,
thanks a lot for your detailed explanation of Roon’s metadata identification. It was a little bit surprising for me that a part of the album tag “disappeared”, but I see no need for a change request.
I’m quite sure you have a deeper understanding of the metadata model and good reasons for the way it works.
Have a nice evening and enjoy your music.