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I have an 11 disc set of Mozart. No matter which way I frig with the metadata, discs 1,3,4 and 5 are being ignored by Roon. I’ve told Roon to only read the metadata.

They’re all in their own subdirectories. Metadata on the original discs didn’t work, so I’ve explicitly mofidifed it so even a donkey can understand it.

Roon doesn’t understand it and I see no way of forcing it to import these discs.

How were these ripped to files? In what format?
A glimpse of the metadata and file structure would be helpful! :slight_smile:

That said, box sets is not Roons greatest ability…

Yes it’s a box set :(. All discs were ripped using the very same software. I’m re-ripping them from scratch to see if Roon can get a handle on them this time.

Forgot to mention, all were ripped to lossless FLAC files. Don’t think that matters.

Thanks Michael,
but, how do you rip them? On a Mac/PC? Using a trusted software with checksumming abilities?
Wpuld you mind showing us some samples of the metadata and the file hierarchy, then?

Hello @Michael_Forsythe,

I am so very sorry that we’ve missed your post for this many weeks - please, accept my apology :pleading_face:

I was wondering, are you still trying to import these discs in Roon? We’d love to help :nerd_face: