Roon Import Missed Many Artists/Albums

Hey, Guys,
I am new to Roon. I have read many reviews in Stereophile and such and I decided to give Roon a try.
My setup is:
Mac mini mid 2011
WD My Cloud NAS (4TB) - static IP Address on my network
Existing library of somewhere between 18,000-20,000 tunes that is imported into JRiver Media Center 20

I was able to get an initial import of my library done and I have things playing through my Mac --> USB to DAC --> Stereo

However, as I started looking through what was in my Roon library, I found more than a few albums/artists missing. For example, I have over 20+ Rush albums in my Rush folder. Roon imported 5 of them. I have several Miles Davis and Miles David Quintet albums. Roon only imported the Miles Davis Quintet and no entries for Miles Davis. Cmon, how can you ignore “Kinda Blue”?! Are the import processes logged anywhere I can look through?

I have read through the support blog and have not found a specific solution. Any ideas here?

Also, can I force a new scan on just a a folder in my library? I am not at all crazy about having scan be an all or nothing proposition.

Lastly, I bought Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Hi Rez FLAC from one of the HD sites today. Copied it into my music folder on the NAS and a fresh scan did NOT find the artist/album.

Overall, I like the interface of Roon, but a pretty and useful interface with missing chunks of my library is not a viable solution for me.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Dale_Neidhammer, sorry for inconveniences.

First of all I recommend you to look through these two FAQ entries:
What audio file formats does Roon support?
I have multiple versions of the same album, but I only see one album cover. Where are the other versions?

In case the missing files have a supported file format and they are not duplicates - ping me or @mike and we’ll start to dig deeper.


hey, Vova,
I use only FLAC format for all my music files. As for one album cover and multiple versions of the same album, not the case here. Roon does NOT “see” many albums at all. Signals, Hold Your Fire, Grace Under Pressure, etc are not listed at all in roon.
I looked into Signals and Hold Your Fire and Grace Under Pressure. These albums are ripped as:

In other words, the entire album is ripped into a single flac file with the cue file containing all the track information. Does Roon support such a scheme for FLAC files or do individual songs need to be in their own FLAC file?


Hi Dale,

use something like XLD to unpack the single flac file into separate files and Roon will see them.


Hey, vpzee,
Yeap, I have done that now. That seems to solve a few issues, but necessarily all. I am still missing approximately 1,500 - 2,500 songs in my library that Media Center 20 finds with no problem.

I need to sit back and dig in deeper to find out just what is missing. Does anyone know of roon logs the import? If so, where can I find the log file?


Well, I have decided to cancel my Roon trial. I woke up this morning to find Roon could no longer “see” my NAS via smb even though it was listed in finder. I managed to get re-connected, but then I had to reimport the library and the number of missed files in my library was SIGNIFICANTLY higher (over 55% missing now).

I will continue to monitor the forums to watch the progress of Roon for mac os X. But, for now, I just cannot live with the library headaches. The system needs more work to support afp and maintain more stable network access.
Thank you and good luck, all!

Hey @Dale_Neidhammer,

Sorry we weren’t able to get things working for you. We’ve been pretty open about our reasons for not supporting AFP, and in every case I’m aware of, we’ve been able to get things working via SMB. I understand it can make the initial setup a bit more involved, but it significantly improves reliability – a worthwhile tradeoff, except when we lose people during the trial :cry:

I’m going to follow up via PM, and see if there’s anything we can do for you here. Thanks!