Roon in Hungarian

(Ferenc Szucs) #1

We have started the Hungarian translation and would like to extend the translators. I would need some help, how I could predefine the common words, as a basis.
Could you please help me in this?

Afterward additional volunteers are searched to help in the translation process.
Thanks a lot


(Ferenc Szucs) #2

Hi, something is stack, I can not access the Hungarian translation part, please help me to proceed!

(Danny Dulai) #3

just try clicking ‘see all translations’ find ones to do there… the automatic finder may be failing since you have personally translated most of the text.

(Ferenc Szucs) #4

Unfortunatly this was the first I’ve tried, so it did not help. I’ve tried to access from my other account it was the same. But now it looks to work finally!

(Ferenc Szucs) #5

Short addition: From my Penna-Poor account is still not accessible.

(Ferenc Szucs) #6

Hi Danny - it does not work again, Now for both of my accounts, I can not continue.

(Danny Dulai) #7

did you see my comment up above?