Roon in Mac M1 can't find the Core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Macbook 12

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Mac Mini M1

Description Of Issue

The mini cannot find the core. Is that an issue with M1? I have already reinstalled roon in the M1 but did not work.

I have a possibly related issue: Roon Core running fine on Mac mini M1 OS 11.2 hardwired–sees and plays to both hardwired (CA CXN)and wifi (airplay) endpoints perfectly. Now trying to set up M1 MacBook Pro as occasional endpoint to headphone DAC/AMP stack (will eventually replace with Pi-based unit); Roon on MacBook won’t connect to Roon Core, and M1 Mini Roon Core doesn’t see MacBook–this feels like a network setting somewhere.

Hi @Carlos_Correia

As we recommend in our Networking Guide is there any change if uncheck the Disable IGMP Snooping option on the Orbi?