Roon in Mac mini connecting to Kii Audio Control via USB

Roon is able play regular music files (CD music from Mac or via Tidal high res) and high res music upto 96k Hz in the Kii speakers. However, there is no sound for resolution higher than 96K Hz. The High Res music files are in FLAC format purchased from HDTracks (ranges from 48K Hz to 192k Hz)

Connection: Roon running in Mac mini (Late 2011 running MacOS High Sierra ver 10.13.3). Roon can recognise Kii Control as output source. Mac mini connects to Kii Control via USB. Kii Control connects to Kii Audio Three speakers via CAT6 cable. Kii’s internal DSP can decode upto 384k Hz PCM

@support Please help!


Hello @Bill_Tong,

Can you confirm that in the Device Setup for the Kii Audio USB interface, that you have enabled the “Exclusive Mode” setting?


@support @John Thanks John! Exclusive Mode has been enabled from the very beginning. PM you the setting details but email was returned. Please advise to which address I can send you the setting screen captures.

Hello @Bill_Tong,

Can you check the Audio MIDI Setup configuration on your Mac to see what the device is reporting back to the OS driver? The Audio MIDI Setup app is located in the Applications > Utilities folder on your mac. You can also use spotlight to search for it. When it’s open, you should see a dropdown menu that will show all of the possible sample rates the device is reporting like this

If you can, I would also recommend trying a different USB cable.


Hi John @John

Thanks for your suggestions! In actual fact, the Mac OS was able to automatically recognise all file types correctly without changing anything but the no sound issue remains:

Following with sound:

Following are without sound:
UnPlayable 192kHz|690x388

Also, changing the USB cable didn’t help …

Appreciate your further and more in-depth investigations !



Try turning off Volume Leveling and DSP Engine.

Thanks @wklie Peter, for your suggestions! But …

Volume Leveling was not an available option and DSP Engine was off already.

Hello @Bill_Tong,

In the device setup page, what is your “DSD Playback Strategy” set to? Also, do you have any 24/192 PCM files you can test?


Dear @john,

Thanks for your reply and continued assistance!

The settings are as below:


Regarding anything above 24/96kHz PMC, please see the below. All no sound. The Mac OS Audio Midi all shown the correct file details

Hello @Bill_Tong,

Do you have another music application installed on your Mac that is capable of DSD (DoP) playback? Or one that uses CoreAudio Exclusive Mode?


Hi @John!

Actually I do: Channel D’s Pure Music 3 but I have not tried it yet. The main issue is not DSD but PCM over 24/96.


What happens when you play back PCM over 24/96 using Pure Music 3 with CoreAudio exclusive mode enabled?


Hi John @John,

Thanks for all your help in diagnosing and suggesting alternatives to resolve the playing resolution higher than 96k Hz PCM and DSD files. It turns out the issue is a defective DSP board in the Kii Audio speakers. The Defective Speakers are on the way back to Kii Audio for repair.