Roon initializing

Good morning,

I now use Roon. Currently a trial period. However, I want to take a year’s subscription soon. The problem is that I can not regularly connect with Roon. The initializing message will then appear on my phone and tablet. What I have already done is the firewall off … fixed ip addresses. Nothing helps. Does anyone have an idea ? I do not know anymore
Thank you for the help

Suggest you start by filling us in on your complete setup based in this

I turn roon rocks on a nuc. And connect to my tablet or phone. In between there is a Linn Majik DS.
I also go when I just turned Roon with windows and went to a separate dac with a USB cable.

Thank you for sharing your report with us, @R_van_der_Lugt!

As suggested by wizardofoz, may I ask that you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

  • What model NUC are you using?
  • What kind of devices are you using for your remotes?
  • How is everything connected (WiFi, Ethernet)?
  • Have you tried rebooting your Core machine and networking hardware?


I use an onboard realtek ethernet chip.

The Nuc is not there yet. I wanted this first, but first try it on my PC

Router: Sitecom 300n (also reset once)

Everything is connected wired. The only thing that is on wifi is my phone and tablet.
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Phone: Iphone 7

Everything has already been restarted several times

Thanks for the update, @R_van_der_Lugt!

Can you confirm that the mobile devices are on the same network (not a guest network or anything like that)?

Are all the mentioned devices, in the same IP range?

An app like FING will scan your network for devices it can see. Try using this or a similar app and let me know if you’re able to see the the Core machine on the network from the remote devices.


Thank you!

I have downloaded the app. The core can be seen and everything is neatly in a range of 100 tm 107.
I do not have a guest network.

What I just notice. If I install roon core in windows it makes the connection immediately (can be a coincidence)
I start roonrock (installed on a separate disk) and on a normal PC … then do not connect or very often. Like not now

Oh. My phone is connecting. Tablet not

Hey @R_van_der_Lugt — Thank you for the update!

Just to clarify here - Only your Android tablet is not connecting, and that it only on ROCK, correct?

Was this on the phone, tablet, or both? The tablet can see the ROCK core using Fing?


FWIW, I’ve been experiencing the same issue for months. ROCK on a nuc i5, Android tablet and phone. It’s a gamble whether the Android devices attach to roon. A reboot of ROCK generally fixes it, reboot of the Android device sometimes fixes it. Never happened with Win10 core instead of ROCK on the same nuc.