Roon Input Hub for external sources

I know there are similar threads on related topics but I couldn’t find one to easily put this. The mods can move this if necessary.

I think it would be a great addition to Roon at some point if there was capability for an Input Hub. My own particular wish is for vinyl replay and theatre throughput analogue inputs. I could, however, also see spdif coax/toslink, usb and even a mic input for when HAF room correction filter generation is embedded into Roon (worth a try!), HDMI for multi-channel sources…

Actually the room correction is a significant driver here. Acourate is good, HAF is even better. In both cases the impact is the greatest step change I have perceived in over 30 years messing around with Hifi. The thread is not about that, but having to listen to vinyl without the HAF room correction means less vinyl now, which is a shame as I enjoy the whole needle drop experience. Being able to route vinyl and other “live” sources through Roon would be great.

I’m sure an input hub would involve many technical complications for the Roon team and maybe not enough people want it but it would be nice to know if its possible or even being considered. There are obviously a lot of potential implications for Roon but it would be nice to try and keep this thread focused to whether or not something like this is wanted more generally and also if it is practically possible for the Roon team to do.


I have also thought about this because I use convolution filters generated with Acourate for room correction and active crossovers. I would also like to be able to play vinyl and TV audio through my audio systems.

I have not experimented with this yet because I currently have a pair of DIY speakers and a tube amp under construction and those two projects take up all of my play time. I have spent a little time thinking about how I would try this though, and my first thought would be to purchase a sound card with analog and digital inputs and install it on the computer connected to my home office (and tinkering) system. I still have a license for JRiver so I would install it on that computer and try to route the sound card inputs to JRiver’s ASIO input. I could then use JRiver’s DSP to process my convolution filters and then pass the signal to my DAC.

Admittedly, I have not tried any of this yet and I am much better with hardware than software so I don’t even know if this would work.

My suggestion would be for Roon to add an ASIO input to all of their PC/Mac/Linux software that supports output functionality. That way I could play vinyl in my office, pass the signal along to my core for the DSP and then send the output to any zone I choose. If I could make all of this work I would probably let my JRiver license expire the next time it comes up for renewal.

This has been suggested for years, and finally seems to be happening over in the Tinkering section with software called CD Player v0.2.0. It uses a RPi to broadcast a stream of lossless files to Roon from a CD or DVD drive mounted via USB.

If this type of device, which converts the format written to a CD on the fly into FLAC, can be programmed to access other sources, like SPDIF, we would have our flexible Input Hub.

I could finally enjoy room correction with music that can’t easily be imported (and then played back later as stored files)!