rooExtend-Box: Plug-And-Play for Roon Extensions

Dear Rooners,

I’m happy to announce the BRAND NEW rooExtend-Box.

The rooExtend-Box was made for all music lovers who don’t want to tinker or don’t dare to setup the Raspberry Pi. As plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require any tinkering. Unpack, plug in and you can use all my Roon extensions. :+1:

In this thread I offer support exclusively for the owners of the rooExtend box.

As a plug-and-play solution, no technical knowledge is required to operate the rooExtend-Box. It is operated entirely via Roon (Settings/Extensions). All upgrades are automatically installed on the rooExtend-Box between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. local time.
In addition, a detailed manual will be available for download, in which everything is explained in detail for those who are interested.

The rooExtend-Box will be distributed starting in Germany through my sales partner ATR at and HiFi retailers. The offer will be visible till end of this week.

Despite of this I will continue to support the DIY community. This means that I will, as before, provide SD card images for the raspberry Pi. My well known support in the forum (look for rooExtend) will continue as before in all my threads.

Stay tuned



Do they ship international, or just within Germany / EU for now? Is it a passive cooling device or does it have a fan?

Hi @Nepherte,
they will ship international and it is passively cooled milled from a massive block of Alluminium.
They start with a German shop at the beginning but the english page will come soon.
Best DrCWO

Been waiting for this. I cant see where to order it in the link?

Currently you still see the DIY website but I hope the shop will be ready during the next days. Please stay tuned :wink:

Best DrCWO


I like to give you an update regarding the new rooExtend-Box.

Right now I had a call with the guys from ATR regarding the new website they build with Shopify. As ATR is a much bigger company than mine I learned that Good things take time :wink:

We committed to release the offer for the rooExtend-Box Thursday November 17th.

So stay tuned
Best DrCWO


Finally the rooExtend-Box is out :+1: :smile:

German customers can order via now.

Within the next two weeks ATR will provide English and French web pages. If they are ready also international order will be shipped.

Best DrCWO


Congratulations on your release! It’s a beautiful piece of equipment.

I don’t understand the usage options for the two ethernet jacks. I’ve looked at, but I still don’t fully understand.

Is the “LAN” port simply a bridged port?

Suppose you have only one Ethernet cable from your router (that is somewhere else) to your listening room. To this cable your Roon Streamer is connected.

If you install the rooExtend-Box plug this cable into the WAN port of rooExtend-Box (instead of the Roon Streamer). With another Ethernet cable that you plug in then LAN port you can connect to your Roon Streamer. This means the rooExtend-Box is also a two-port-hub :+1:

This saves you having to lay a second Ethernet cable to the router.

Best DrCWO

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Thanks for the explanation.

@DrCWO How does the quality of the bluetooth connection to a nuimo compare to the nuimo hub?

Best regards,

Using the Nuimo Hub (after modification) you have to insert a BT USB stick to make it work. In my living room (in a private house neighbors far away) it worked great up to 4-5m between Nuimo and Nuimo Hub.

With the rooExtend-Box a ZEXMTE BT antenna is shipped. This increases the possible distance and also the quality of service. In my house I have 10m with a concrete wall in-between.

If you have courage and the appropriate technical knowledge, you can risk the conversion of the Nuimo Hub and see if the distance is sufficient for you.

Best DrCWO

Hi Dr. CWO – I just purchased a lifelong license for RoonWatch but unfortunately, I did not receive the license key. The contact information on your website directs me to this forum. Not sure if there’s somewhere you could help me with this offline. Many thanks! Andrew

Hi, Andrew.

Welcome to the forum!

Did you happen to create an account on SellCodes when you made the purchase? I can’t recall if the site supports anonymous transactions but if you did make an account, I can advise you on how to access the transaction invoice which will display your license key.

  1. Log in to
  2. In the upper left corner, click “Buy”
  3. You should now be on a page which displays “Bought” items
  4. If you see “Use Apple Watch for Roon”, click the “View Receipt” option immediately below

Assuming you have an account and the purchase is associated with the account, you should now see your receipt containing the license key.

Stash it somewhere safe! :slight_smile:

Hope that worked for you!

Thanks, Greg; unfortunately, I did not set up an account. I paid and saw no key code pop up or anything of the sort.

I should clarify that I’m just a fellow user here - I don’t have any affiliation with the rooExtend or SellCodes folks.

That’s atypical and unfortunate. The expected experience is a payment complete page which displays your license key. You should also have received an email.

You might want to check to see if your payment instrument was actually charged. Beyond that, I don’t think I can be of any further help.

I hope you’re able to sort this out.

Yes, thanks again, Greg. I expected an email confirmation but didn’t get one. The payment definitely went through.

The site is a bit of a challenge for customers in the U.S.
I could not find anyplace on the site that would tell me how much the lifetime license was for the bundle. I was finally able to give a price for the bundle but it didn’t tell me whther that was the lifetime price or not. The site appears to need a lot of work. I understand that this is a challenge while getting it up and going but a t a minimum the site needs to have a link to send questions like mine (related to purchase) by email and not require going to the Roon community for an answer. Thanks.

You might not be used to it, being in the USA, but for now it’s German only. Sales should open up to international customers in the future.

Actually site has a button for English which translates it reasonably well. It just does not provide all the information needed. I don’t know whether it provides in German but did not see anything that told what the lifetime price was in anything in German that I could recognize.