Roon integration with Sonos

Hi there
Why music info is not displayed in Sonos app when I listen to music on Sonos with Roon?

Here what I am listening to in Roon:

Here what’s displayed in Sonos:

I am sure there is a way to make protocols talk to each other better than that.


It’s normal situation. In my Sonos setup the same. You streaming in different environment -> “one way comm”.

I have different question: why sonos devices not work natively with 24 bits signal after S2 upgrade? Its part of new features, in Roon we have only redbooks quality (or downsampling).

Hi Roon team
Can you please tell us if better Sonos integration in Roon is on the roadmap?
How come music info is not displayed in Sonos (see my post above), is this something that can be improved?

Sonos is doing great, they are on the move, last week they announced HD radio at $7.99 a month and I think they will release some major software updates. Roon needs to come out with a major release or they may be integrating with Sonos.

Please do some work with integration! New devices (not new per se, 1-2 years after premiere) like Sonos AMP, Sonos Port, Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, Sonos Move… we have only old ones identify in Roon, some of them are obsolete today.

It’s very frustrating, when you can not use your devices with full potential. Sonos have big advantage - its own mesh protocol, no interferences, great multiform. Its not competition for Roon cos its lifestyle, AV ecosystem etc. so Roon Devs, when you did Sonos integration years ago, please continue - give us more.

Once again - S2 brings us a lot of good stuff. Better sound quality, new features… when we see this things in Roon?

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