Roon Interface Freezing While Still Running in Background (Windows 11)

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Windows 11 PC
Intel Core i9 13900k
Asus Z790 Apex MB
32GB Corsair Dominator DDR5 6200Mhz
Nvidia RTX-3080ti
Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (connected via ethernet through a switch)

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 Wireless connected via USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Hi, everyone -
I’ve recently built a new gaming PC, and I’ve installed Roon on it. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks, but over the past few days, Roon has ceased to correctly operate.

When I first open Roon, everything is fine. But if I leave it idle for 30 seconds or longer, the interface freezes (only Roon). If I click an item to navigate to a new section, nothing happens. I have to close Roon and re-open it for the app to update what’s displayed on my screen. When I re-open Roon, it opens directly to the item I clicked before closing the application. Music continues to play throughout all of this.

So for example, I open Roon, leave it idle for a minute on the recent activity page, then decide to play the new Weyes Blood album. I click the album, nothing happens, I close Roon, I re-open Roon, and it opens to the Weyes Blood album.

I’ve tried adjusting video settings for Roon within the Nvidia control panel (Monitor Technology, Preferred refresh rate, and Vertical sync), but none of these settings impact the issue.

I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled Roon.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


Hi @Robert_Burkes ,

Did you install any new programs during that time or make any system changes like updating graphics card drivers?

Can you please open Windows Start menu and type in “System Information”. Then, share a screenshot of System Summary and Components → Display?

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There have been a couple of graphics driver updates, but I don’t think I’ve installed anything other than a game or two since installing Roon. Screenshots are below. Thanks so much for any help, @noris !


Hey @Robert_Burkes,

Is your issue still occurring? I have a temporary fix if so.

Navigate to C:\Users\AppData\Local\Roon\Database\Registry\Client\ and delete or rename the saved_window_pos file to restore Roon to the primary monitor and resolve the issue.

We are working towards identifying the root cause but for now, keeping Roon on your primary monitor or moving it back before the PC goes to sleep or closing Roon will prevent this.

Please let me know how this goes for you!


Apologies for the late reply. Lots of recent work travel. I’ve tried what you suggested, and it seems to temporarily resolve the issue, but as soon as I minimize Roon for longer than 30 seconds or so, the interface freezes.

Also, I never have more than one active monitor at a time, so I’m not moving it from a primary monitor to a secondary monitor.

Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks so much for the help!


Hi @Robert_Burkes,

What resolution is your monitor set to? Are you doing anything out of the ordinary like using a monitor vertically?

Sorry for us having so many questions. We’re trying to pin down an issue and I really appreciate you!


Resolution is 5120 x 1440. It’s a Samsung super ultrawide monitor that I used without issue on my last PC with Roon. And no… Not doing anything weird.

The PC is connected to the monitor via DisplayPort. And I have an optical HDMI cable running from the PC to my Anthem AVM 90, so I can game on my home theater, but I don’t run both the monitor and the HT at the same time.

Thanks for all you’re doing to help me run down this issue!


Hi @Robert_Burkes,

I can confirm that you are affected by an issue we are working to correct. Please bear with us.

I have a suggestion as a workaround for you. Make a shortcut to that file location so you can easily delete it to get Roon back up. Alternatively, not minimizing it works too.

Hang tight. We will get this fixed!


Hi @Wes ,
I wanted to check in before this thread is closed. The fix for this will come in a future software update, not a solution posted here in the forums, correct? Thanks!


Hi @Robert_Burkes ,

Yes, this is correct. We are still investigating the root cause of the issue, but there is a development ticket in the queue regarding this. Any fix will be included in a typical Roon update.

You can follow Roon release notes in the following section, so I would keep an eye out for any changes mentioned relating to Ultrawide monitors:


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