Roon Interface Not Responsive on Machine Running Core

The Roon interface is not responsive on my machine running the core. The Control portion of the application runs extremely slow, it is useless. Roon is using roughly 1% of the CPU on the core machine. Control versions running against the core on other machines work just fine. Restarting the application on the core machine does not resolve the issue.

I am running an evaluation to consider purchasing.

Core machine:
Quad Core 3.4 Ghz Intel I7-3770 CPU, 32GB RAM, running Win 10 1803 on an Azuz P8Z77-V_LK motherboard.

Thanks for reaching out, @Timothy_Leggett, and apologies for the difficulties here.

Is analysis being performed on your library? Can you share a screenshot of your Settings > Library screen?

Are there any other applications in use on the machine that are resource intensive?

Can you confirm what GPU is in use on this machine?